Monday, April 6, 2009

Pieced & Appliqued

I have made a few shop samples for a quilt shop. Generally I do the machine appliqued ones. These are a few I've done. She provides the fabric and pattern, I make the quilt, send her back the top and keep whatever is left, including the pattern. Because my favorite part of quilting is piecing this works well for me. The fabrics aren't generally what I would use, but this keeps me from getting in a rut.
Oh, and she send me a check too! LOL

A Lori Smith pattern.

I belive this was a Jan Patek Girl Gang.

Pat Sloan Circle of Friends.


  1. Beautiful! And yup, that is a Girl Gang pattern :o)

  2. That sound fun to make shop samples. Have you ever made a second one for yourself or is one time enough. :-)


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