Thursday, April 23, 2009

Sister's Quilt Show part 2

This border is AMAZING!
I love plaids and homespuns! Simple patterns are perfect for them.

I love scrap quilts, but 2 color quilts draw me in too.


  1. I agree that the leaf border on the star quilt is something to behold! A lot of work doing all those applique leaves.
    The red & white quilt is simple in style but has great impact. I, too, am drawn to two color quilts.

  2. Mom and I were thinking about going to that quilt show someday. It looked like it didn't have too many quilts that I'd like (more brightly colored and modern ones), but I like the one's that you've shown. My favorite are scrappy, but I'm with you, I also love two color quilts, although red and white are my favorite. I'm not sure I could handle making one with only two colors, though. lol

  3. Oh the red & white quilt has such an impact on me. I just love the simplicity of it.

    Love your blog...found it through Janet at Quiltsalott.


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