Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Around Town

There is something about quilts hanging outside that makes me smile!

Directly behind the Stitchin' Post was an exhibit by quilter Barbara Copeland. She is from the small farm town of Culver and does her machine quilting on her home Bernina. It is incredible! She has won many awards at major quilt shows. Many years ago she was the feature quilter at our local quilt show. I remember her saying something like "The more stitching you put in the less your mistakes can be seen."
Too bad my photos don't do her quilting justice.


  1. Yes it must be a beautiful sight, seeing quilts hanging all over the place!
    I am amazed at what people can do on their Berninas at home...look at Jill's quilts, it amazes me how she quilts most of her quilts herself on her machine for many years and they are gorgeous
    all I can hope for is someday to be as good and a BSR Bernina would help me too !!!!

  2. I can see the quilting on the heart wreath. I will never be able to quilt like that. And I do like that heart wreath very much.

  3. What a beautiful site indeed. I have heard of this before and have always wanted to visit and see the quilt around town.

    I can't even imagine doing quilting on my Bernina! Those are incredible!

  4. Quilts everywhere - what a sight to see! Thanks for sharing them. I do hope day to see it all in person.

  5. This is almost as good as being there. I love the red/white feathered star, and I have this pattern. Maybe someday........


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