Thursday, July 2, 2009

Independence Day!

I have a little cowboy thing going on here too. Love those Moda tablecloths!

Here's where my guests sleep. I could put a different little quilt above the bed, but I just love this one! This was my daughter's room and she had painted all kinds of cool things on her wall. I couldn't part with the moon so I left it and I think it adds a bit of whimsy.

The pattern for the flag quilt on the landing can be found at
Spirit of '76 quilts.


  1. Love your patriotic quilts! Is that little one above your bed from Country Threads?

  2. Lori well done. Festive, traditional and such a lovely folk art theme.

  3. Thanks for the link for the flag quilt. I thought I had seen the pattern before. The place you order the patterns - the buy button does not work. I have e-mailed notifying them of the problem.
    I used to have a patriotic bedroom theme in our previous house. I no longer have the big quilt I used. I need to make a new patriotic bed size quilt & redecorate the guest room.

  4. I love those flag bouquets *S* And the quilts are pretty wonderful, too.

  5. What a nice guest room! I love the quilts - and the bed.

    What else did your daughter have painted on the walls?

  6. By far the cutest decorated patriotic home! I'd love to be a guest!

  7. Love it! Decorating for Canada Day isn't so fun. ;-) I love all of your decorations.

  8. The bedroom looks so inviting and your decorations for Independence day are wonderful.

  9. Hi! Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog!

    Your Americana quilts are beautiful! When I saw the long flag on the stair landing I wondered where you found that pattern, then you added the link, thank you! I had never seen that one before.;D

  10. thanks for sharing your patriotic quilts with us
    Oh I just love that one hanging in the hall way!
    the Rise and Shine quilt is great, I like that one too.
    Is that pattern in one of their books?

    ah yes the moon I would have left it too.
    great guest room
    looks so inviting

  11. your house is just so awesome.. gotta love those American colors they are such an inspiration!! you are a decorator and you don't know it yet!!

  12. I absolutely LOVE the flag quilt with the circle of 13 stars in your hallway. I'm seriously thinking about making it!


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