Friday, September 18, 2009

How About a Little Chrome?

Chrome yellow is another color that can bring a quilt to life. Personally I think it's underused, even when making reproduction quilts. You don't need much to add a bit of spark.
Chrome yellow, double pinks and poison green! Knock my socks off!
I've always loved this pattern. The yellow in the center really
makes it zing! Look at these wonderful madder browns with chrome yellow. This was a really crispy quilt top and poorly constructed. Fun to look at though!


  1. Oh boy my fave. However, I can really see the chrome in the "stiff" quilt going into a different quilt and those wonderful brown stars going into another one, oh those stars set differently would be sooooooo great :-).

  2. Great post! I love the red one - I like that pattern too :0)

  3. oh I have always loved that red one too
    pine burr is it?
    but my motto is a little chrome makes every quilt a happy quilt :)
    I love the chrome yellows!

  4. I really like quilts with that color in them. But, I have never had the courage to use it in a big way in one of my own. Thanks for the inspriation.

  5. I cannot to write because my english is bad but I want to say : I love your blog and the old quilts ,I have seen ! Mamifleur de

  6. What wonderfully graphic quilts and bold use of colour. These quilters knew how to make quilts sing. Love the chrome yellow and the pine burr with red as a background is stunning.

  7. Love all three, but especially the nine patch. Humble, but beautiful!

  8. Love the Feathered Star quilt. And, yes, that yellow gives it a zing!

  9. Whoops, I remembered that it is not a feathered star pattern but a Pine Burr. It is also called World Without End but I don't know why.


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