Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Log Cabin Quilts

A log cabin quilt is one I'd like to make for myself. I've saved the top photo because I love the setting and the colors.

Here is a great log cabin quilt from Sisters. There are a wide array of fabrics in there. (there's that cheddar again!)

This pink was very popular then and is been reproduced for quilters now. It's a great double pink!
I did make one log cabin. You can see it here.


  1. Gorgeous...you have some of the best photos of quilts...I keep coming back here! I've always longed for a log cabin like the first photo....someday listed.

  2. I love log cabin quilts, but find making the blocks boring. :-( Maybe I'll get in the mood to want one bad enough to do it anyway. haha

  3. We share a love of the log cabin quilt. The antique one with the madders, greens and browns is splendid. I save photos, too, but there are so many possibilities, I wonder if a quilter can make just one. All your pics are great, as usual.

  4. Gorgeous quilts. Coming to your blog is really wonderful eye candy!


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