Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Weekend Progress

I actually was able to get a little sewing done this weekend. Both baby quilts are ready to wrap! A name just needs to be added to the labels when the babies are born. Should I send a fabric marker along with the long distance one so they can add it with the same pen I used? Or should I just make a note in the card to write in baby's name in the blank space?


I first saw this block on Karen's blog. Linen Closet Quilts is doing a BOM. I've never met an eagle block that I didn't want to make! It sure looks like my needle turn applique needs a bit of practice


  1. Beautiful quilts love them. I would send a pen along so it all matches. Nice feeling to have them done I am sure.

  2. Such darling baby quilts!

    Word Verification: enimbor -- an exclamation made when casting a spell to cause retching

  3. The eagle applique had lots of little curvy things to do. Took more time than I thought it would but I am happy with the result. I am happy that you decided to make one.

  4. Sure like your baby quilts, and I don't see any room for improvement on your applique! Eagles are one of my favorites, too.

  5. Are you kidding, your applique looks wonderful! Excellent job on the baby quilts, I say send the pens in a plastic bag., that way you know that they'll not use something that may run.

  6. The baby quilts are wonderful. I'd send the marking pen along. As others have said, you will know the added name will be run-proof. And I think your eagle is perfect.


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