Saturday, May 8, 2010

Strawberry Fields Finale-Edited

I try hard but there is a correction on the cutting for the quarter square triangle. Please scroll down...
I put the final stitches in the binding last night and am very happy with the results!!
Are you ready to get your top together?

After I had my blocks made I grabbed several different reds for the sashing and laid my blocks on them to test the options. I fought with the red a lot!! Was it overpowering the little blocks? Was the print too busy? Did I need something more solid- looking? This red seemed to be the best and I let it stay on my design wall for a few days to make sure. (I really kept going back to a double pink, but resisted) I still had my doubts but went with it anyway.

As you can see by the layout we will need to cut 4 squares for the first and third row top and bottom. We want to keep the bias (or stretchy) edge away from the outside of the quilt.

I cut my squares a bit larger to give me some room to work with. If you want them cut to the perfect size, then I will assume you know how to do the math on that. You will need to cut 4 squares that measure 4 1/2", then cut on the diagonal to get eight half square triangles. (See photo below)

I lost some of my photographs so had to use a different fabric for my example. As you can see I didn't use any favorite fabrics!!

I thought I'd try something a little different and use my setting triangle ruler. The idea is to use a strip of fabric instead of squares. If I wanted exact sizes this would have been good.

See how I had to cut between lines? It wasn't very accurate.

It was pointed out that my measurement is incorrect. I'll blame the ruler, because I really didn't have to cut a square. I am so sorry if this has caused any problems.
So, I suggest cutting five- 7 3/4" squares, then cutting twice on the diagonal to get 4 quarter square triangles.
(4.5 unfinished square x 1.41= 6.363 diagonal measurement of block + 1.25 seam allowance)

When all the pieces are laid out just how you want it start sewing row one. You will be sewing on the diagonal. I always add the half square triangle pieces last. Press as you go and trim off the pesky little points.

When all three of your rows are together and you are ready to sew those together line up

the right side of the block in row 1 with the intersection of blocks on row 2. I pressed the center of the quarter square triangle so I'd know where to pin. I want my zig zag setting to look nice and I'm sure you do too. Line them up all the way down. Do the same thing when you are attaching the third row too. (Please ask if I haven't made this clear)

Because I cut my triangles larger this is where I ended up. Not a pretty sight but I had plenty of room to trim the red at the top of the block and still have a seam allowance.

Ta-da! Your Strawberry Fields is ready to layer and quilt. You should be able to see how I quilted mine in the first photo. I also think this would be terrific with an all over quilting design such as fans or clamshells.

Thanks for joining me on another quiltalong!!! I think I'll give everyone about a month then post a McLinky so we can see all the quilts at one time.


  1. Wonderful !
    I posted my blocks on my blog just in time for the last part : choosing the setting's colour.
    Thanks for this beautiful design.

  2. I love it! As soon as I get a few more projects finished up, I'm going to try one of these little quilts!

  3. I have only gotten as far as selecting some fabrics, but love the zig zag setting so much. A month is a goodish amount of time--even I should be able to handle it!

  4. Your Strawberry fields turned out wonderfully. I love the way you've quilted the zig-zags. All that's missing is a close up picture showing your lovely quilting :0)

  5. Oh and will you check out that quilting!!! Fantabulous!!!

    I was so happy today when I thought to myself "I have all my main blocks done." I counted and checked my picture pattern and guess what? Mathematically ruined - again. I have one more block. Oh well. One more pretty to make plus the little half babies.

    Still, I pretty darn pleased with this one. Yep, pretty darn pleased. The blocks together are delightful. Loving this one, Lori. Loving it. So cute.

    I can't help it but I just love these little babies. I do, I do, I do.

  6. I love the colors in your quilt and how it turned out! SO pretty!
    Great tutorial. I did not physically do this quilt along w/ya'll, but I learned a lot in my mind by following. Thanks! OX

  7. how exciting to see the next set of instructions~!~
    i have almost finished my blocks and have already started to consider fabrics for the setting . . . it's gonna be hard to choose i think . . .


  8. It's just wonderful! Your setting directions are very many people are afraid of setting blocks on point and doing setting explained it sooooooo well!

  9. Your quilt is as cute as can be! I wasn't sure about my setting fabric either, but I laid mine out like you did and went with my original choice. I've gotten mine together but have to wait a few days to start the quilting. Thanks SO much Lori! This has been great fun! :)

  10. Your quilt is so cute! I am just putting mine together and have decided to do a border as well. I'll be posting my quilt on my blog in the next couple of days (I hope!). Thanks for the quiltalong! It's been lots of fun.

  11. OOoooee!!! ~Lovely~
    I am getting as close to your red as I can. I NEVER try to do that, but I think that is as pretty as it could get. My blocks are done, so I'll get busy on cutting red!


  12. Red was a good choice! Love your little quilt.

  13. I love the red! I think it is the perfect color for setting those blocks. I had good intentions of getting mine made along with you, but oh well. The graduation quilt had to be done first. Well it isn't done - but worked on!

  14. It looks fabulous and red was a good choice. I love how you've quilted it too.

  15. Thanks for the correction, Lori. I had not cut my red fabric yet because I am still "fighting" with it!

  16. My top is DONE! It went smoothly and I ~love~ it. Thank you SO much.

  17. I just found your blog and love it. It is really inspiring, so I will follow you, and try to keep up.

  18. That is so adorable! I love it!

  19. Thank you dear Lori...mine is cut out, but not anything else yet. I am anticipating with relish some time later in the week to do this!

  20. Hi Lori, I have it all together! Now I have to quilt it. I put a picture up on my blog at

    Thanks! It's been fun.

  21. I love it!
    your finished quilt looks fantastic -great job.
    Thanks for measurement update - I'm lucky, I haven't done that part yet.
    I can't wait to get it together!

  22. You know what? Goddessa Binx is wayyy ready to cut her triangles out. Of course I'm not totally sure about the fabric but what the heck? Why not? No regrets if it doesn't work out and I guess I can save for scraps it it doesn't grow on me. Maybe I'll have a drafty to share tomorrow? Hmmm. Nothing solid on that but it's possible. Signed, GoddessaB. :)


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