Sunday, June 13, 2010

It's like Climbing a Mountain

We finally had a break in our gloomy weather and couldn't resist a photo of Mt. Hood yesterday on my way home from Portland. My daughter is training for the Portland Marathon and asked if I'd want to join her in the Helvetia Half Marathon & Drop Top 10K. I signed up for the 10K and she signed up for the half marathon. We both beat the time we had planned to run it in. It really was empowering!! It must be a little what a mountain climber feels when they conquer the mountain!!!

Here are a couple more Home of the Brave blocks. I really wanted to get the previous ones mailed before company arrived last weekend but did not get a mailing address from the Oregon coordinator. I went ahead and wrote to the Washington state coordinator and sent them off to her. Of course, right after I mailed them I got an email with the address for Oregon so I thought I'd make a couple more to send. They sew up so fast!!
I've been concentrating on a hand project that I'm not quite ready to show but not a lot of stitching going on in the sewing room otherwise.
There is still time to add your Strawberry Fields quilt to the last post. Or send me a photo if you don't have a blog.
Have a terrific Sunday!!


  1. Good for you to do a run!!! I am so behind on your lovley blog, going to catch up now~ so many beautiful items you've made.... XO

  2. Oh to be that fit. Its many years since I ran a 10k but how lovely to be able to support your daughter and an achievement for your both.
    Sewing sometime has to take second place.

  3. Running! Good for you. I have trouble even walking.

  4. Congratulations on the 10K!! That's fun you got to run with you daughter.

  5. Congratulations on your run and beating your time! My husband completed his first triathlon this weekend. I'm not that adventurous.

  6. Congratulations on the run! That's a fantastic achievement.

  7. Woo Hoo...waaaaaaaaaaay to RUN! I've been working myself back to running but doubtful will ever do as well as you!! APPLAUSE HERE!!

    OH...and gosh darn if all those little quilts are just darned adorable! Seriously....I need to move this up the list!!

  8. Wow! Congratulations to you both on the run!
    I love that photo of the mountain.

  9. Such a special event, mom and daughter running together -- you definitely should be proud of yourselves! The sewing machine will wait. Time with family is definitely #1.

  10. Great Job running gals! Doesn't that feel awesome?!
    I like your HOB blocks - great colors.
    can't wait to see what else you're up to

  11. Great effort in the marathon! Good to hear you're getting some sewing in and will look forwar to seeing it eventually.

  12. What a gorgeous photo of Mt. Hood. Woo hoo on the running accomplishment. I bet it felt good. Alas, my Strawberry Fields quilt is still in the "good intentions" phase. No photo from me this time. Thanks for the pattern, though. I know I'll love making it someday.

  13. Congrats to you both on beating your marathon time! Bravo! Bravo! Your quilt blocks look great too. Looks like you have a lot of balance in your life. Must feel wonderful!

  14. Good on you geting out there and having fun with your daughter.

  15. great finish...what an accomplishment for both of you.
    love those blocks !

  16. WOW - congrats on a great accomplishment.

    Funny thing today - today is the SECOND time I've read "Mt. Hood" in two different posts.

    What are the chances?

    Hubby and I will be RVing to the Sisters quilt Show next month and until this very post, had no idea that you were in Oregon.

    Either I totally missed it or I'm totally SLOW....probably the latter...LOL


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