Friday, January 28, 2011

Midnight Stars Part 5

Here is my Midnight Stars 2. I opted to hand quilt this one with a large all over fan. I have a hunch I'll quilt in between the fans. I'm always looking for a shortcut- sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. I think after I wash this I'll decide it will look better with closer quilting. I think it would have looked great with red binding but I love the cheddar next to the dark blue.

If you haven't already got your top together, you will soon!

Taking your cheddar outer triangles sew them to each side of a red Ohio star. Press and add the other two sides. (sorry, I guess I forgot to get a photo of that block together) Make 5 of these. Using your red outer triangles sew them to your cheddar Ohio stars using the same process. Make 4 of these. Your blocks should measure 5 1/2". Lay them out alternating your cheddar and red blocks.
Cut four (4) 5 1/2" setting squares.  For the side triangles cut 2 squares that measure 8 1/2", then cut them twice on the diagonal to make 8 quarter triangles. For the corners cut  two (2) squares 4 1/2" then cut once on the diagonal for 4 half triangles.  These measurements will be a tad larger to insure you get a good 1/4" seam allowance around the outside of the quilt.
You will sew them together on diagonal rows.
I always add the corner last, but it is personal preference.

Yay! Stand back and admire your work!!

I'll be back to show you how the original quilt was quilted.


  1. It came out beautiful. I'm still stuck back at Step 2, but hope to have some free time next week to get it finished. Boy, you hand quilt fast. I am so slow at it. Thank you again for the wonderful sew along!

  2. Thank you Lori for Part 5. Guess you know what I'll be working on this weekend :)

    You're a brave one to do hand quilting over all those seams!

  3. Looks good Lori! Great hand quilting too. I'll be finishing my little quilt this weekend if all goes my way :)

    Thanks again for this fun quilt along!

  4. It's very beautiful. I love the fan quilting and it looks fine the way it is.
    I do love the cheddar binding :D

  5. Very pretty, how long did it take you to quilt it? i'm working on a star quilt now the pattern is called milky way.. Happy sewing!

  6. Loving yours , mine may have to wait a while to get hand quilted.

  7. Very nice, I didn't even get out of the gate on this on. January just seemed to disappear. I love the hand quilting, and I too, always think I need more. I'm working on a baptist fan hand project right now.

  8. I just love the colors and fabrics in that piece.
    I need to clean out my room, so I can get to the table;)


  9. It's a real beauty, Lori. I love it. Why didn't I do this one with you? Because I'm still NOT sewing - ugh! LOL

  10. This quilt was great fun. Thank you again for giving us the directions. They were perfect as always.

  11. This has been so much fun! I think I may try pearl cotton to quilt with just because I've never used it for quilting before. And then again, after the first couple of stitches, I may decide on regular thread! I love your cheddar binding - it really sets the quilt off really well!!!

  12. Thanks for this Lori - your directions and pictures are so clear.
    You must be a fast handquilter to get that finished so fast!

  13. Popping in for a quick visit. Your Sew Along piece looks very good. Wish I could have participated but you know what I have been doing. But maybe I can make one of the little quilts later on.

  14. I'm off to the sewing room to finish mine off! Thanks Lori!

  15. I love how your quilt top turned out.. it's beautiful. Love how you used the stripe fabric too...

    I think this is one pattern that will be going on the "to make" quilt list.

  16. Thanks Lori! Your quilt is VERY cute...I love the quilting.
    I've got my top together, but not quilted yet. :)

  17. Love your fan quilting!
    Mine will end up a little mixed up since I didn't plan my blocks as well. :)
    humble, right?

  18. oh cute~!!~
    i'm sorry i missed out on this . . . onto the wish list it goes~!


  19. Awesome, and thank you so much for sharing this with us! Hope to finish mine this weekend.

  20. I've found that a nice look with the Baptist fan quilting pattern is to do a double line. Each curve is made up of two lines, 1/4 inch apart. Double the stitching, but double the fun.

  21. I love this quilt and the hand quilting is awesome! Will have to make a copy of this pattern to make, love it!


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