Friday, August 12, 2011

AAQI- For Sale...

Thank you Libby for letting me know my quilt was out of the "Waiting for Assignment" page and onto the "For Sale" page.
If anybody is interested in this lovely Bagalicious mini quilt and wants to help out
The Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative  you can purchase it now.
The 3 little beads/buttons were not on the little quilt before I sent it in, but this little quilt went on a  field trip and Diane, AAQI, volunteer extraordinaire, added them at a later date. I think they are a very charming addition.

Click here to purchase this quilt now.


  1. Lori you really show a different style with these little quilts - very cute!

  2. another beauty, fun quilt to make , isn't it fun to play making little quilts?
    and for such a great cause.


  3. Very will sell fast!

  4. Your little quilt is lovely. I'm just finishing up my Midnight Garden so I can send it in. Hugs

  5. Lori, it's darling. I know that cutie will have a home very, very soon.

  6. I'll bet this was a fun one to make!

  7. What a beautiful special little quilt. How fun that some fairies put some buttons on it.

  8. very cute! I's sure it will sell in a jiffy!


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