Sunday, January 15, 2012

Pink Lemonade- Part 3 Finale

Before I get to Pink Lemonade I wanted to say thank you so much for your kind and generous comments on my Jane Stickle quilt. I got so much encouragement from you all since I blogged about it a couple of winters ago.  Thanks for helping spur me on to the finish line! It is on my bed and I am enjoying it so much!! ALSO, that Jane post was my 500th. How cool is that?! I'm celebrating with a snoopy dance and a giveaway. I am finishing up a project this week for it, so keep your eyes open.

Without further ado:
We are making four corners, which are quarter blocks. I will use the same print for all four corner blocks.

From the colored print cut three (3) 2 3/4" squares, then cut them twice on the diagonal for a total of 12 quarter square triangles.

From the background/pink cut four (4) 2" squares and two (2) 2 3/4" squares, cut twice on the diagonal for 8 quarter square triangles.
Lay them out as in the photo above.
I pieced the triangle units (print and background) first, added them to the square, then added the corner print triangle.
Make 4.  If you've made them correctly you should be able to see a churn dash  block when laid out as above. Again, you will lose a seam allowance if you make one block and cut it into fourths. It will not work!! (unless you want a really humble quilt)

I didn't think that was enough of a step to leave it at that. So, let's get the top together.
This beautiful gold was my first choice for the setting squares. Although I love this fabric after I put my blocks on the top I saw right away it wasn't going to work.
Here was another choice. It is another fabric that I love, but I wasn't feeling the love with these blocks.

As soon as I put this fabric with the blocks I knew it was just right. (Hello Goldilocks!)
Don't rush it when looking for the right fabric. Try another color if you have to. I think you'll know it when it's right.
Cut twelve (12) 5" squares and lay them out as in the above photo.
On the corners I always add the side blocks first, then the corner. When adding the corner I fold my block in half to find the center of both pieces, pin that center mark, then sew the seam.
Sew together block in diagonal rows. I put the like half blocks across from each other.
Sew these rows together....

Ta-Da!! You get Pink Lemonade!!

I'll be back later in the week to give you some quilting ideas.


  1. I'm trying to distract myself from paperwork and taxes to make your pink lemonade. Maybe if I get it done I will, I also received the new Primitive Quilts issue and it is very tempting as well. But for now its all eye candy for me!! Did you get much snow?

  2. This is so beautiful. Your instructions and photographs are so inspiring...thank you for sharing!

  3. Love your header! Have a great Sunday afternoon....

  4. Your instructions are so clear and easy to follow Lori - thanks! I'm still working on step 2 but I'll get it done eventually :0) It was so interesting to see how the blocks can look SO different when paired with different setting square fabrics.

  5. I just have to make those four corner blocks and then sew it all together. Thanks for this QAL, Lori. Instructions have been very clear and this is a fun little quilt!

  6. Your Pink Lemonade quilt looks fabulous. And your final choice of yellow fabric is perfect. As a New Years resolution, I promised myself that I would make a Christmas quilt in reds and greens and finish it for this year. I started it last week, however, after seeing the Pink Lemonade quilt on a few other blogs, I have put away the Christmas quilt and am starting on Pink Lemonade because I love it. I still have 11 months to finish that Christmas quilt, right? Looking forward to seeing how you quilt it.

  7. Yeah! Hope my turns out so cute!

  8. what a great job you've done of stepping this all out for us~!

    time for me to get back to the studio and work on some quarter blocks. still considering choices for my alternate blocks . . . everything i've tried so far seems either too harsh or too light. a couple more to try but i may have to compromise . . .


  9. Still trying to resist this temptation, but you are making it quite difficult. I love your Pink Lemonade!

  10. I planned my whole top around the setting fabric! I was having so much fun that I couldn't wait for your last step, and just made it up myself!

    Thank you so much for doing this. It's been a lovely start to the new year.

  11. Thankyou Lori for this wonderful little Pink Lemonade distraction! It has been a joy to work on and now with the final set of instructions it's full steam ahead to get it finished! Glad to hear you are sleeping under your beautiful Dear Jane quilt, how yummy to wake up to it on the bed each morning!!!

  12. Try to forget about the Packers loss so I am going to go cut step three!

  13. mine is in progress--thank you so much!

  14. I'd like to see video of the Snoopy dance :)

    This has been a fun trip so far--amazingly I am caught up. Thanks for the big finish!

  15. Finished up my little top on 1/13 ...

  16. Thanks Lori, another great mini quilt!!

  17. It looks fabulous, I didn't join in this time but I know where to find your great instructions next time I feel like a doll quilt.

  18. Very pretty! I don't know that I would have picked that background but put together, I can tell it was a great choice!

  19. Dh got me the Dear Jane book. You SO corrupt (in a GOOD way, I think) me! I certainly wasn't going to do Dear Jane. I have ENOUGH to do. But, I kept telling dh about it...he just ordered it, THEN told me! It will make me tear up EVERY time I see that book and realize how much he knows me. I'm SO excited to start this adventure.
    Dh knows what I think of you. And, knows the quilts on the walls are yours. He KNOWS my heart.~
    LOL, can I blame YOU when I am MAD at the DJ?

  20. Such a great little quilt! Fun to see how the different setting fabrics looked, it's amazing the difference!


    coming together well

  22. Do keep DJ as your header for a while as I enjoy looking at her every time I pass through! Pink Lemonade is lovely!

  23. Cant wait to see the quilting!

  24. Lori, this has been so much fun. I got my top put together this evening. I will post a picture tomorrow on my blog. Thanks for all the great directions. Hugs

  25. I have to get going! I only have a few blocks done. THanks for such a fun quilt along - again!!

  26. Could you possibly tell me the maker of the pink fabric in your Lemonade quilt. I sure love the Dear Jane header too. Anyway I am making Ocean Waves and ran out of that pink with the little flower. I can't remember the maker/name/shop. If you could email me any information I would appreciate it. I am a follower of your blog and enjoy reading. I guess I will live with a different choice but I'd love to be able to go and buy more.
    TIA Diann Smith

  27. Lori, I love your Shoo Fly quilt..especially the side and corner triangle blocks! Very nice!

  28. Thank you so much for offering this little quilt - the half blocks and corner blocks are adorable and really make this. We are due for a real winter storm tomorrow in NH, so I plan to be thinking summer and Pink Lemonade!

  29. The yellow fabric you chose is amazing. Makes me want to mix up some good ole country time lemonade.
    Who is the designer of that yellow? That would be a great stash addition for anyone.


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