Friday, April 20, 2012

Same-O Same-O- Winner Added!!

It seems like I keep showing you the same things over and over- I guess it seems that way because I am!! lol

This has been on the design wall waiting for inspiration to strike. I did add the small cheddar border and also decided this block doesn't look good on point. I made another border, this time with spikes to imitate the center points. The only thing I do know, it will not be the next border. I'm strongly considering adding plain muslin and appliqueing a sharp turning vine with flowers??? If you are inspired to show me photos of your ideas I'd love to see them.
The next set of Just Takes Two is done! My center block is a wee bit scorched- oops! I like the block a lot.
Here's my start on cowboy quilt #2. I miscounted and will probably have enough leftover pieced blocks to make a baby quilt for the next boy that might need a quilt!! I have to decide if I am going to use a bold red and a softer blue for the setting triangles.

We finally have a lovely weather forecast and I plan to be outside this weekend. Enjoy!!

I forgot to draw for the magazine winner yesterday so I did it this morning. Sandie- Crazy'bout Quilts is the winner!! Please send me your address and I'll get it in the mail. 
Thank you to all who stop by my humble blog. I appreciate every single visit and ever comment!!


  1. All your projects are looking great! I'd vote red for the setting triangles - but I'm kinda into red right now!

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Love your Jubilee center. Still not convinced about the spikey border, though. And your JT2 block looks awesome. It looks so different from mine...maybe I did something wrong!! VBG

  3. I don't mind seeing your progress. Not sure what your going for with your Jubilee so not sure how to comment? But what you have done so far looks good to me.
    Love the cowboy quilt!

  4. i enjoy seeing your progress on your many projects, also like your center block for JT2, do you know the name?

  5. Do you have ideas beyond your next border? My only thought is something curvy to balance the points. Maybe something curvey with points incorporated.
    Love seeing progress on all your projects.

  6. Your talent just amazes me so let me say that. Your productivity, which I think is the ability to focus, is inspirational.

    Somewhere along the way I was influenced by someone that encouraged smoother lines when surrounding strong, definite lines. I'd submit that thought to the mix.

    You're doing great work with the red & white. Loving the second cowboy quilt, too. Plus for a baby quilt, too. Yippie yahooie.

  7. Lori I love seeing your progress. Gwen Marston's Classic Four Block applique quilts book has some great ideas for borders, as does Linda Giesler Carlsons Roots Feathers and Blooms. Hope this is helpful.

  8. And I also vote red for the setting triangles :)

  9. Try facing your spikes in? or make a more gentle sawtooth border? I love the cheddar. It's great to have a look at the progress, so the same-o is good.

  10. You can show the same stuff again and again - it's all very marvleous!! I love your Jubilee project so far. I like the sounds of an appliqued vine with flowers. Maybe you can use the spikey border for another round later.
    I love the JT2 block - you've used such gorgeous red fabric for it.
    Enjoy your beautiful weekend!

  11. I totally understand waiting for inspiration - it will come. I do like the idea of vine. The cheddar border looks good too. I just love watching a quilt emerge :)! The cowboy quilt is going to be adorable.

  12. I vote for the vine border on your Jubilee quilt.
    Your JT2 block is great! Love it!
    Now I want to make a cowboy quilt! How fun!!

  13. your same-o same-o still makes me go ohhhh my wonder-o....

  14. Yep, I agree.....a viney border would be amazing on your Jubilee. I'm loving it so much!, and the cheddar is awesome in it!

  15. i agree that it's too soon for the spikey border but i sure do love the cheddar.
    i wonder about using those flower buds from the center in/on that vine . . .


  16. Love watching the progress of the cowboy quilts, it inspired me to pull my collection of cowboy fabric out. I think your idea of being on point is a good one, but perhaps do the next border a different coloured solid, then applique after, so you can have the vine trail over a bit, so it doesnt have to be so restrained to the muslin?

  17. oh I am just loving your jubilee quilt . I agree go with an appliqued vine for the next round then you can go with pieced blocks , pointy blocks !
    medallions are hard in mho a lot of trial and error...and then going with your "gut" whats right
    that block is wonderful, wow, I can see a whole quilt made with that one.
    cowboy quilt tooooo cute

  18. The J-T-2 block is quite lovely! Sometimes it is same-o same-o! because we do a little on each project and it seems as if no progress is being made, but in the end there IS progress! Love the setting for the new cowboy quilt!!!

  19. The applique border seems like the way to go. Rose buds almost touching in the center of each border with a curved right angle border on the corners. A few leaves thrown in. Or maybe the word "Jubilee" in liberated form thrown in. Or the top of the curved spike sections going around the border. One up followed by one down and on around. Lots of work for that though.

  20. You are such a prolific quilter!! Yowzers you get a lot done...and all so beautiful!! Think I'll go back to bed...haha

  21. Love love love your jubilee quilt!

  22. Boy, the cheddar border just made the center pop on the applique. Don't give up on the spikey border it adds something too, and your cowboys are riding high in the saddle!

  23. Love all your projects, you can show them every day and I don't think I will tire of them. I love the spiky border on your Jubilee quilt.

  24. Oh yes...spike-ee border....clapping!

  25. OH, this is so wonderful! I like the spikey.

  26. Love all your projects! Your JT2 block is awesome! I need to work on mine this weekend. ;-)
    I am super excited to be your winner! Thank you so much!!
    Have a happy day!

  27. The Jubilee Quilt is wonderful! I have a photo somewhere of an antique one and I love it. Design as you go is a good thing!

  28. The applique vine sounds good to me. I love the red and white. That block looks like it was difficult. Yours is so pretty.
    Love the cowboy quilt.
    You are sewing like crazy!

  29. your jubilee block is incredible! I love it so much, don't you?
    so what's next on it?
    can't wait to see


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