Friday, August 8, 2014

More Vintage Quilts

Here are the quilts Claire purchased this year at Sisters. 

This one has quite a few older fabrics in it. although a quilt is dated from the newest fabric.

This one was great. The zig zag setting is stunning. I like what the maker did at the top to make it a little longer. What's not to love about the fan quilting?
Sarah S made it. Too bad she didn't date it as well.

And this one, which the fabrics seem to say 30's, has a setting that is used in much earlier times. Large 4 block quilts are another favorite of mine.

Even though the top one isn't in great shape, it is a favorite of mine because of the variety of fabrics.

Although I didn't actually sit down at the machine, I got some marking done on a quilt I NEED to finish, so I did get something quilt related  done.

Enjoy your weekend!


  1. Wonderful quilts and love the fabrics in the first one.

  2. ¡¡¡ que grandes compras!!!
    me gustan....
    la primera tiene unas telas tan delicadas y suaves me gusta.....
    buen fin de semana

  3. Thanks for sharing these gorgeous quilts. Old quilts just tug at my heart!

  4. I love the patched-togetherness (technical quilting term) of the top one, too. Most of the vintage pieces I have are like that--every last scrap sewn together to make the pieces the needed size. Some are even just overlapped and stitched with a running stitch--raw edge exposed.
    Oh, the Baptist Fan quilting is wonderful!
    And I love the peachy color in many 30s quilts. So pretty!

  5. I love the flower piece, that would be fun to do with scraps.


  6. I would have bought any of these if I had the chance. They're gems! Sad that the Antique quilt sellers won't be at Sister's again.

  7. These are all beautiful quilts! But that first one is really special. I would like to make one like that!

  8. Another vote for the flower quilt, I love it!

  9. Claire always seems to find the best quilts. Don't know how she does it but I always love the ones she picks out. Of course, I love what you got, too. Close ups??

  10. Lovely quilts. I just love seeing old quilts. The fabrics, the blocks everything.

  11. The quilt in the top photo looks to be a pink and brown quilt but I see other colors in the mix. Interesting seeing the different fabrics.

  12. oh more beautiful quilts. love the fabrics in the first one but that second one , I just love it. WOW. the appliqué quilt I agree its a beautiful quilt, love 4 block appliqué too , its graceful yet graphic, wouldn't that look great in reds and greens????
    thanks for sharing

  13. great quilts and great quilting. I love the first one - I want that anchor shirting!

  14. I thought for sure the top one was appliquéd. I think the piecing made it much more difficult. The background fabrics were so unique. It's my fave.

  15. Wonderful quilts and what a great find to have.

  16. Fantastic! What a great collection she's accumulating!


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