Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Whoopee Wednesday!

We made it to Idaho just in time! I got back last evening and today it is snowing again!

Here's my niece's little boy (my grand-nephew) Zackary on the quilt I gave to them. 
He is 3 weeks old and doing well.
We took my niece out for dinner. They've had a lot of snow too, so I understand being housebound.
My daughter made the trip with me. 

 Because I was meeting my daughter, I went a different way- right by Pendleton Woolen Mills
with a long and wonderful Oregon history. 
 This little lamb was at my sisters. They actually had 20 babies! at least 3 of them were being bottle fed. 
Isn't this cute? I made this and gave it to my sister many years ago. Sure makes me wish for spring. 
 I also made this many years ago and it was hanging in her house too. 
I love seeing her enjoy things I've made.

Have a whoopee Wednesday! 
Next Monday we will posting our 1st part of the Fall Festival. 


  1. There is nothing like baby cuddles to brighten your day. So happy you got to make the trip.

  2. Sweet baby on his new quilt!

  3. What a cute little boy on your wonderful quilt !
    Beautiful memories for you and René....

  4. Do you have a place to purchase off cuts of the Pendleton Wools? I have heard that you can find lots of clothing made with Pendleton wools in the thrift stores.

  5. Your new grand-nephew is a handsome little fella.
    We stopped at the Woolen Mills ages ago on a family vacation--picked up some wool scraps, some empty spools and a blanket.
    Nice to see your work on display and know it is appreciated. I especially like the little stitched piece.

  6. Lori un precioso bebé

  7. I'm so glad you both could make the trip! Cute baby and it's fun to see him on his quilt! Mine is still in progress...

  8. So happy to hear you finally got to meet your grand-nephew! So did you stop at Pendleton? I have always wanted to go. Dorr Mills in NH carries some of their wool, but I would love to visit the Mills!

  9. Isn't knowing others are enjoying your quilts just the best! Love the watering cans, I think I need to make some!

  10. It has been a long time since I visited Pendleton, nice to see a pic of it. I still enjoy the warmth of a Pendleton scarf I purchased at a thrift shop in Mammoth Lakes, Ca where we lived prior to moving up here to the Pacific Northwest. Your daughter looks very comfortable holding that sweet baby. Thank you for all of the shares in your blog posts!

  11. Woop! Beautiful items given to your sis. Yes, its heartwarming when someone displays them. Sweet baby! Sweet lamb. Precious.

  12. Lovely to have baby cuddles, and so nice to see your sister enjoying what you have made her. 😊

  13. Both cousins holding the baby is just adorable!! He's a cutie patootie, Lori!!
    How great that you were able to get there in between storms.
    Love the quilts you gave Shiela!!

  14. That is a beautiful quilt and he looks so cute laying on it. Looks like a fun trip and nice to stop at the mills.


  15. What a sweet boy!!! And precious gifts to bring back memories! I'm glad you got home before the snow!

  16. Newborn babies are so very wonderful :0) I'm glad you enjoyed your trip. It is very cool to see gifts you've made being used and loved.

  17. Thanks for sharing your trip -- starting with your grand-nephew, all of your photos are heart warming! I love Pendleton wool -- have never been to the original mill in Pendleton but have been a client of the fabric outlet here in Portland for many years!!

  18. Glad you had a safe trip, that road from Pendleton can be a bear in the wintertime. What a cutie on the quilt! I'm having a whoopee Wednesday, I hope you did too!

  19. How fun to see a close up of your quilt with adorable Zachary using it. I love your little quilt with the watering cans and flowers, and the embroidery too. Did you enjoy the snow?

  20. Glad you made it through Pendleton when you did! We'll be getting more snow and ice starting tomorrow. The woolen mills is fun to visit and you can get some good buys at times when they have sales. Glad you had a good trip and visit!
    Tina in Pendleton

    1. I heard you were supposed to get more! Wow! What a winter we've had!

  21. Zachary is so precious! And I love your needlework pieces. It s such a thrill when someone cherishes your work, isn't it.

  22. what a cutie! How nice to visit your past work too :)

  23. Very fun to see some older projects. Does it give you a jolt of recognition when you lay eyes on them again! I love that feeling, like meeting an old friend.:) The little guy is super sweet!


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