Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Quilts on the Lawn

This wasn't a quilt on the lawn but it sure was a cute little quilt made with antique fabric that Laurie made and hung up for us to enjoy. 

 I went to Seattle with my friend, Michelle, on the left, picked up Juliann, on the right, and made our way to Marysville where Laurie (center, in blue) had a quilt show of Anthologie quilts. The weather has been beautiful and hot but all of a sudden the forecast for that one day called for rain! So, she did what any resourceful woman would do, she did not cancel but moved the quilts from the lawn to the garage.
Her property is the perfect setting for a quilt show. I'm going to encourage her to make this a yearly event!
How cute is this little building?

I'm sorry, I do not know the makers of all the anthology quilts. You can get more info on this quilt HERE. I do know Laurie made the adorable ribbons that adorn the quilts.
Laurie's quilt is the one to the left of the bright green one.
She had lovely vignette's to draw us in for a closer look.

I'm a repro girl through and through, but isn't this magnificent!?

This is her sewing studio!! It is just as cute on the inside!
I know Laurie doesn't mind, but I did snap a few photos in her house. It feel so relaxed and charming! I really love it.
Look at this amazing antique quilt!

And seriously, this is the back!Yes, it is pieced!!

I met some lovely ladies and JoAnn from Quilters Coop opened her shop for us which is located close by! Thanks for helping Susan!

These beautifully decorated cookies came about the time we were preparing to leave. So super cute!

Thanks Laurie for sharing the lovely quilts, antiques, and introducing us to your fun friends!!

I hope ya'll are off to a fantastic week!!

Friday, August 10, 2018

Fun on Friday!

 I knew I'd have to remedy the "no handwork" situation.  I found this fun embroidery that I started in a class with Kaari of  French General.

Here's what it looks like when it isn't a wrinkled mess! It's really fun to work on. 

Gay has released another set of Dear Daughter blocks. You can get them HERE Love the inked names with sayings and the year. 

My son is arriving back to the lower 48 very early this morning.

If you missed it, he's been in Kenai, Alaska setting fish nets for a cannery. His girlfriend flew up a few days ago and they are exploring together before coming home to Oregon. 

This was a king salmon he was showing us. WOW! My son isn't super tall but that is a really big fish!


Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Tremendous Tuesday!

Hello friends! Here we are in August already- summer seems to be flying by, but I like to be in the current  season and not look ahead too far.... until last week. 

This lovely magazine was sent to me. This is the cover and it is the October issue. 

About a year ago Jody Sanders asked if I'd be interested in answering a few questions for a "survey" in AP&Q. Okay, she really may not have said that, but that is what I heard. So several months ago when she sent me the info I was surprised she wanted to include me in the Designer's Spotlight. I was so surprised, in fact, I called her and said, "Are you sure you have the right person?" LOL  
She was the sweetest person ever and this is what resulted from that "simple survey." 
I couldn't be more thrilled! Thank you Jody!

I have to say the magazine, especially this issue, is chalk full of lovely quilts that you can make! Including one from Jo Morton, who I consider a friend and a very talented designer and quilter. Thank you to those who have seen it and commented. 

If you will be in the area at all, please come to Marysville, WA! My friend Laurie had this wonderful idea that blossomed and is nearly here! 
Let me know if I should look for you...or pick you up!

Have a wonderful week, enjoy each day!

Friday, August 3, 2018

Sweet Land of Liberty Month 8

So many times I wish Cheri could see our unique Liberty quilts! You guys are really up to the challenge. Ready for month 8? Let's go!
This month there is more piecing and less applique.

 I have my letters ready to add somewhere. My red on the liberty angel was too dark and you really couldn't see the word freedom, so I'll add that somewhere down the line. So you know what the approx size should be they are supposed to fit on the angel's dress shown below. The dress is 7 1/2" finished.
 The approx size.... LOL- yes, that is on the pattern! background 5 1/2" x11"
 Cut the background 5 1/2" x 7". I opted to not add the banner over the top. I noticed Denise didn't add it either.
 The blue star field is cut 5 1/2" the stripes are cut 1"x 10 1/2
 I used various width strips . The unfinished block measures 7 1/2"
I added the little bell here, but don't have it appliqued yet. 

 These stars were a bit tricky. Denise said she had a hard time with them too. Unfinished they measure 71/2"x 6 1/2"! 2 are placed vertical, one had a strip added to it and placed horizontal. 
I did the blocks like this, then trimmed to size.

 This is how the layout is. I have nothing sewn yet, except the 3 stars. 
 Here are Denise's cute blocks. 

My Instagram feed for the week. 
If you care to see my Canadian adventure my last 2 posts on my Get to Goal blog are full of photos! I had a blast! Click on the photo on the right side bar.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Sweet land of Liberty Month 7- Linky party

We are moving right along and I'm so thrilled to see so many lovely quilt blocks on the Facebook group. If you aren't on there, I'd love for you to join!
If you have a blog or instagram please add tyhe link to your blocks. If you are behind and want to share blocks, they do not have to be this month's. We want to see them all!

Friday the 3rd I will reveal our next month's blocks.

Friday, July 27, 2018

Fun on Friday

I'm out of the country right now, but have my feet up relaxing after a very active day in Whistler. Unfortunately my last 2 getaways I've had no hand work. I am going to have to remedy that as soon as I get home.
I'm not ready to show this applique yet, but I used this fun print from my late friend, Jill. I love how she creeps into almost all of my quilts. 
E, Pluribus unum- Out of many, one.

I've started on my fall little quilt for a quiltalong and I'm using a mix of French General fabrics.  This year we will be making a medallion style quilt. (if this one works out)

I'm having a lovely summer! I hope you are too. 

I'll leave you with this today.  Forgive, say sorry when you are wrong, don't waste your time with toxic people, if you really want to go somewhere special- save your money and find a way to do it. 
 Say what needs to be said. Be bold, be brave! Say I love you to those you love!

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Happy Houses

All the cute house quilts reminded me of this fun quilt I started in class with Tonye  at a class in Sisters in 2010!

I had forgotten I had some of the blocks together. 

Tonye had the house patterns- aren't they charming?

I made a few of these as single quilts for Ami Simm's Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative. They are such a joy to make! Mine are hand appliqued.

A photo of the completed quilt is all we had to make the top.  I guess that is the reason I haven't gotten any farther. I have 8 more years of quilting experience since this class,  so I should get back to it!

I hope you are enjoying your summer.  More adventures for me this week!

Friday, July 20, 2018

Fantastic Fun on a Friday!

It's been a very busy week but also a fun one. Super busy at work. 
Farmers are at the peak of "farming season". Silly I don't know exactly what's going on around me. I do know the garlic is getting flamed, the bees are pollinating the carrot plants, hay and alfalfa are being harvested. Many farmers work in the cool of evening, meaning they work on their bale wagons, water trucks, combines, during the day. 

Anyway...... fun cause they weather has been fantastic! Sunny skies as far as the forecast will let me look. 
I love summer!

Here is a cute mail bag I made designed by Pink Chalk Studio. I should have followed the instructions and added interfacing to make it a bit more sturdy. It was simple to make and I see more on my horizon. I used it last week at the Sisters Quilt Show!

Kim B sent me some cute dresses for my next mission trip. When I hang them on the line I think of the little girls who will eventually wear them. Thank you Kim.

I signed up for my Houston classes and so can you! You can do it online, which makes it so easy! Check it out HERE. So, I signed up for the tour on Tuesday,
#201 Texas Quilt Museum, Painted church, and quilt shops tour.
And a 1/2 day class on Wednesday  #363 - Color, It's Relative with Maria Shell.
Looking forward to my classes and a week of work/fun/seeing old friends and making new friends.

Elsa and Porter have a little swimming pool to cool off in, but they really need to take turns.

Right at this moment I am enjoying the Oregon Coast! I hope you have a lovely weekend.



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