Thursday, September 13, 2018

Book Sale Part 3 and Finale

Here is the third and final round of my fundraising book sale. The proceeds go to fund my mission trips. Thank you.
The comments are closed, if you want to purchase a book please send an email to 
I will wait to figure any shipping until I am home and have some time next week. I will ship them the most economical way. I am off the grid for the weekend (again! starting Friday) so I will be unavailable to answer questions until I return. 

Remember, if you want a book, please send me your full name, your mailing address, which book or books you'd like to buy to
The books will be sold in the order I receive the email and I will write "Sold" on the 
blog as soon as I am able. I will confirm your purchase by responding to your email. If you do not hear from me someone beat you to the book. 

There are only 4 books left from part 1 and 2 sale. Make me an offer on those if you'd like them!
Thank you dear friends for your support! 

$2.00 SOLD

With Flying Geese ruler  (see below) $8.00 SOLD

I think I've made every quilt in this book! The beginning of the small quilt craze! One of my fav's. 
$4.00 SOLD

 $5.00 SOLD
$4.00  SOLD
$2.00 SOLD

If I wasn't burned out on traditional samplers I'd do this! Love the stories that go with the blocks.
$5.00 SOLD

$4.00 SOLD

 $5.00 SOLD
$4.00 SOLD
This comes with many copies already printed and ready to sew! $4.00

30 Postcards $6.00 SOLD

Here is a large stack of patterns- $10.00 for all
Below is a sampling of what you'll find. 



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