Friday, October 19, 2018

Aurora Quilt Show "Seeing Stars"

This years theme was "Seeing Stars". Someone left a comment that they were beautiful star quilts- yes they sure were!

 This one was actually one of my favorite newly made quilts. Please read the label next to see how she made the best of an "accident"

 This was made for Windham fabrics using one line. Thats always hard to do, but this quilter pulled it off pretty well.
What a super fun star pattern!!

 I was working on Sajou with my French General fabric and this sampler caught my eye. 

This  one was a little disturbing, funky, and cool all at the same time!

 Chrome yellow, poison green and turkey red! What's not to love?? 

I wouldn't call it Shoofly, but what do I know?

I've always been enamored with the 7 sisters block. This was lovely.


Loved the star sashing!! And the stars in the center of the blocks pulls it all together.

 Anybody else think this quilt looks antique? It isn't!
Then I came around the corner and saw the block below.
I had to catch my breath. Seeing this makes my heart hurt all over again. 
I spent some time looking at the blocks and remembering. 

I didn't get a photo of the complete quilt, but what a quilt so obviously sewn with love and honor, even this many years later. We will never forget.

Love to you all. Have an amazing weekend!

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Sajou QAL- Part 3 and Finale

 Here is my finished Sajou. I apologize to those who don't want their center on point. I seriously never gave it a thought until someone on Facebook mentioned it. My little quilts don't always hang on walls, so if you don't like your center on point you can easily use it on a side table or in the center of your dining table and you won't even know your center is a little sideways.  There is a couple of different ways you can do this last border.
 I considered paper piecing it, but wasn't quite sure I'd be able to give you the pattern and have it the same size as you need it. If you'd like to do this, measure YOUR quilt so far and use adding machine tape or paper 2 " wide x the width of your quilt, fold in half so you have a center line, then using your ruler draw equal triangles. (they are actually isosceles triangles- 2 sides the same , one longer side)
 Then use this as a paper piece pattern. Do the same for the opposite sides adding a square at each end. Really, it isn't as difficult as this sounds. But I thought my directions would be muddy...... LOL 

Or, you can do it another way...

 Cut 5 dark squares and 6 light squares  4 1/2" then cut twice on the diagonal for a total of 20 dark triangles and 24 light triangles. Piece 4 borders as shown above and below.
 Mark the center of your pieced border and the center of of your quilt so far. Line them up and attach the upper and lower border.
Trim even with your side borders.

Line up the center of your border and the center of your quilt, pin. 
I used my hera marker to mark my center. 
We still need to fix our corners. Lay it down across the border, fold it back and finger press  DON'T CUT it yet! Add 1/4" to the length, then trim. Add a 2" square to each end.
 Then sew your final 2 borders. Ta-da! Admire your little quilt
I machine quilted in the ditch for a few lines and hopefully you can click on this to see how I quilted the rest.
 The center strip is from the Beauville factory in France. 
We talked about label pens on the Facebook group. I used a pigma micron 5 but still think its too thin. 
Here is the inspiration quilt. As far as I can tell it is/was owned by Penny McMorris. 

I wanted to keep this year's quiltalong small, but you can continue to enlarge it if you want!

If my directions are not clear please let me know and I'll try to walk you through it. 

Thank you all who sewed along! I loved seeing all the versions! I also look forward to seeing them complete. We'll have a linky party in a couple of weeks.

Monday, October 15, 2018

Old Aurora Colony Quilt Show

 I love this quilt show in fall!!I love the setting, which is at the historical museum and they always display plenty of vintage quilts.

This quilt belongs to the museum and I never get tired of seeing it!

Several of the colony quilts have this style of quilting.
This was the quilting in the brown border. 

 Several of these quilts were for sale by the featured quilter, Charlotte Wirfs. The proceeds of the quilt sales were going to be donated to the museum.

Check out the humble seven sisters quilt! You can see it in the photo above as well.

 It was one of my favorites of the vintage quilts.

 It was a gorgeous fall day! I met my hubby on the mountain and we camped for the last time this season.

Thank you all for your kind words about the Beyond the Cherry Tree quilt!! You encourage me to keep pluggin' along on it.

I've seen so many lovely variations of Sajou!! Thank you all for sewing along. Wednesday will be the final clue.

Make it a fantastic week!



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