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Monday, March 11, 2013

Porch Time Quilt in Denmark

Here's proof my quilt made it to the lovely country of Denmark. This photo should be the third one down, but I wanted to highlight it as I love Lene and love seeing her beaming face!
Here she is before seeing the quilt, but reading the letter I sent along. Seeing her two sons casually touching her makes me cry!!

I got to see my son this weekend for the first time since he has returned from his trip, and he gave me this gift from Lene. She said she made these while he was visiting using the colors in the quilt. It is so like her to be generous and thinking of others.
My son posted this on Facebook while he was away. The top photo was the first time they had met at the AFS exchange building in Denmark in 2005. The lower photo was taken before he left for home February 2013. Lene's hair started falling out from chemo while he was there.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A Little Porch Time Found a Home

I finished appliqueing the final border of A Little Porch Time in Ohio late January and Thursday it will be flying to Europe!

Less then a week later after I finihsed the top we found out that my son's host mom in Denmark has stage 4 cancer.  There was not even a shadow of a doubt this quilt was meant to be hers.
Here is a photo of my husband, Lene, myself, and my son when we visited Denmark at the end of my son's stay.  Because of strange circumstances (and because she is such a wonderful woman!) we have a special bond.
When my son was in Denmark he had to have emergency surgery. Because the bleeding would not stop he had to go back into surgery twice. Obviously we were in the US and didn't know all this was happening until he was safe, but she (and grandmum) watched out for him as if he was her son.  We felt an instant connection when we went to visit and we have  since then.  Their family came to the US and we had a wonderful time hosting them. We got the news in August that the host grandmother had cancer (in remission now) so my son made a trip then.
He will leave for Denmark Thursday.  I've been quilting like crazy and didn't feel like I had done a very good job cause I was in such a hurry, but now that it is bound and washed I feel happy about it, sad, but so happy I had the top to finish and get to her. They have a big porch that we spent most of our time in and this quilt suits her perfectly. She understands the love that comes from being wrapped in a quilt.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

A Little Porch Time top Completed!

I am beyond thrilled to have this top completed!! This was a monthly project for 2012 and I really liked the way of setting a monthly goal and working toward that during the month. It was fantastic to be working on it with some blogger friends too. I'd love to have you add your quilt, even if it isn't complete. The border was a lot of applique and I set a pretty ambitious goal to complete it.
Thanks for spurring me on!!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

A Little Porch Time Quilt

It was probably a little ambitious to think I could get half of my border done in the month of December, but I did make progress!
Here are my pieces and parts prepped and waiting to be appliqued. For some reason one of my butterflies has two different yellow wings....
Here is one corner of my quilt. I got the inner dark border applied and the outer green AND I got the vine appliqued on two sides. Hmm, maybe I made more progress than I thought.
My plan is to stay focused on this until it is done! The month of January, for sure!!

I couldn't resist one more Christmas photo.  My mom was sick on Christmas day so we had her over on the 27th to open her gifts. It was just 5 of us and really was so much better for her. I had my brother snap a photo of Cory & I in front of our tree as I had forgotten to on Christmas day. I like this photo so much as it was so relaxed and casual.
See the snowflake cut outs on the window? I won those from Tim. (there were more on my kitchen window) He is so talented! Click on his name to check out his blog.

All right Porch Quilt ladies. Share what you have , even if it is pieces.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Holiday Musings

 Here is a little quilt I made for AAQI. I'll get the binding added this weekend. I used the hidden star patter and am calling it Hide & Seek. If you've been reading my blog for anytime at all, or you have a loved one with Alzheimer's you'll understand the title. I like that at first glance you don't see the star, but have to search for it within the pattern.
 I haven't been doing too much sewing but getting a little prep done for the applique of a Little Porch Time. How are you all doing on yours? Half way on the border?
 One Christmas tradition we have is making  Danish Aebleskiver Christmas morning. I like to think we are paying homage to my Danish ancestors.
 My brother home from China for a visit. My mom continues to look forward to seeing him. She doesn't remember where he is living but so far she remembers him. They have the main room in the assisted living home all decked out with Christmas decor.
 All the cousins (and me) went for a walk Christmas day. I LOVE this picture!! My niece and nephews lived with us for about 5 years so I feel like they are partially mine. I'm glad they are close with my two kids.
 Santa's reindeer?

 Sven thought it was a good time to celebrate Christmas while I'm 50. We opened the 50 year old vintage wine my sister had got me for my birthday. Yep, 1962 was a good year for wine in France!
A few of you asked to see my tote that I had in the photo in front of the outdoor Christmas tree. I got this bag at the Smithsonian Institute probably 15 years ago. It is still one of my favorites.

Have a fantastic weekend. My last post of the year will be the Porch Quilt so be ready next week.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Sewline Needle Threader

Some time back I was complaining about not being able to thread my needle. This came highly recommended by my blog readers and here is my unprofessional, unpaid review.
Looks like lipstick. It's nice because it is easy to find in your supplies.
Open it up, put your needle gently in the end-( eye inside) At this point I push down gently to see if my needle is lined up properly inside.
Lay your thread over and in the little slot.
Push top down gently

Pull needle out slowly. Ta-da!! Threaded needle and I didn't even have to put on my magnifying glasses!! lol
I've got my vine hand appliqued to my Porch quilt. It's going slower then I'd like, but it isn't because I'm spending time trying to thread my needle!!
It has something to do with getting distracted with cute projects like this from Cheri!!

Sven the Gnome is going on an adventure this weekend!!

Friday, November 30, 2012

A Little Porch Time

The weather has certainly changed and I won't be spending any time out on my porch. But I'm thrilled to say I've got my last section complete.
The top is together! Now to move on to the borders!!!
Here's the November section.

What I thought we could do for December is add the borders and work on the applique. If that means you want to do half, then that's great! I'll probably add the border, get the vines on, finish my bucket handle and get a few flowers or leaves appliqued. Then finish up in January. 
For those that stuck with this, thank you so much! It has been so fun to look forward with anticipation to the end of the month. Let's finish strong!!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Porch Quilt

Here's what I've got so far on my "A Little Porch Time". I hope ya'll are making time to work on the sections. I ended up machine appliqueing the star flowers. I hand appliqued the circles onto the stars, then used wonder under and a small zig zag stitch with matching thread. Might as well do the methods I enjoy and the skinny points called for the machine!!

For the month of November lets finish the top (without border) .

Section B: Applique the year and flying geese section.
Section A: piece the background between the beehive and Auntie Bean's stalk block. Applique watering can, cat, and flowers. The watering can handle will not be appliqued all the way down as we will need to add the right side border first.

We are closing in on a finish!!
I know a few of you have not got your section finished. That's ok. Post what you have!!

Mountain Trails link will be open until next Sunday night, so feel free to add your quilt. I love seeing all the varieties!!

Sunday, September 30, 2012

A Little Porch Time

Here's my September sections. I opted to put in some flowers from a Sue Spargo book instead of the hands applique.

I can't wait to see everyone's sections!! I have a hunch I may be the only one who didn't sew D-E sections together!!

For next month this is what we'll do:
Sew section D and E together.
Applique the two birds and make a row of flying geese to go below section D-E.
Applique large basket and star flowers on section C. Sew to section D-E.

It may sounds like a lot but I think it is very doable!! I'm excited to see it coming together.

Friday, August 31, 2012

A Little Porch Time for August

Here are all my blocks so far. I am loving this quilt!!

Next month let's do E1- shoofly blocks and hand prints ( I plan on appliqueing something other then hands)
D2- chunky basket and D1- star
Let's piece section C so we are ready for the applique.

Once these are done section E and D can be sewn together!! Woo-Hoo!!

Feel free to add links to pieces we may not have seen yet!!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A Little Porch Time

Here's my latest section of "A Little Porch Time " quilt.

I had at least a dozen people say they wanted to sewalong, but only a handful have. Even if you have only done the first section, we'd love to see it! Add a link here or send me a photo and I'll post it.

For the next month let's piece A1- Auntie Bean's Stalks, Cut out A3 and A4 , piece D4 (simple 9 patch) and applique D3 Basket. It sounds like a lot but it isn't.
I hope you are enjoying doing this as much as I am.

Monday, June 25, 2012

A Little Porch Time Part 2

Here is my second part of A Little Porch Time, designed by Primitive Pieces by Lynda. If you didn't have your house block done then please add a link to that block too.

If you don't have a blog an want to share your block email me a photo and I'll add it to the link.

Below are the next blocks we are making.
The first one is the bee skep with bird. We will need to be piecing this section together so we'll be ready to add the water can and flowers. Be sure not to center the bee skep.
Simple basket and star flowers.
And one little 9 patch.

I think these blocks will work up fairly easy.  Enjoy!

I'm leaving early in the morning for my east coast adventure! I'm looking forward to renewing friendships and seeing eye dazzling quilts at Vermont QuiltFest!! I've got a few post ready to roll. Don't worry if you have sent a birthday block- hubby is holding down the fort and will be checking the mail. I'll be back 3 days then picking up my friend Gabe for the "Adventures of Sisters Quilt show!"

Sunday, June 10, 2012

JT2 on the Porch....

Here's my June 1st set of Just Takes 2 blocks. I decided to do Kansas Troubles instead of Buckeye Beauty.

I'm wondering how ya'll are doing on A Little Porch Time? My block is done and because I am going to Vermont Quiltfest via New Jersey I'll be posting my block and the linky about the 25th. Will you be ready with block one (the house) and block 2 (the zinnia's)? I can't wait to see them!!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Little Porch Time- Show me your block!

Hello! You know as we keep adding blocks this will look more exciting! Here's my first block. I'm looking forward to seeing yours! Add the link to your specific blog post. If you do not have a blog send me the photo and I'll link it up.

We'll do the zinnia with nine patch blocks next. There is a correction on this block. In the book where it says sew a strip 7 3/4"x 21" to each side- this should read 7 3/4" x 21 1/2"
Below the diagram it says cut a strip of background 2 1/4"x24". This should read 1 3/4" x24"

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Here's my Just Takes 2 blocks for May 1.
 And here is my not-so-creative challenge block!! It's a little lonesome looking but it will look great with the other challenge blocks.

Almost 1/2 through hand quilting the third block of Beyond the Cherry Tree. Once I'm done with the motifs and outling the applique I will do some sort of overall quilt pattern.

For those of you joining in how are you coming on your A Little Porch Time house block? I've got the windows and the star left and that is all. I'm excited to see everyone's blocks at the end of the month!!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Let's Spend Some Time on the Porch!

Clean off your porches and get your chairs out of storage!! Here's our May block. I'm starting early to give everyone enough time to find your book or your partially made blocks. Find a place that you'll put everything pertaining to this quilt.
I'm going on vacation this month (May) and several of you won't be able to start right away. That's fine. We'll start slow and make it easy to get caught up. I am hoping to have my block prepped and handy so I can add a few stitches when I have a few moments.
House, star, and half square triangles

I thought I'd post a block at the beginning of the month, then do a link up at the end of the month so we can see each others blocks. I contemplated doing this quilt in wool, but decided I was ready for a cotton applique project.

It was brought to my attention there are corrections in the book that need to be made. I wrote them right in my book this morning. Thanks Dorothy!! I see they are also on Lynda's website.

Here they are.
Page 17 – Section C.
The bottom rectangle on the right is not 16 1/2” x 8 1/2” cut 17” x 8 1/2”
then the rectangles on the right and left are the same length before joining to the top square.
Page 19 – Section E
E2 The strips on each side of the 9-patch are cut 7 3/4" x 21 1/2” - not 21”
E2 Cut the filler on the bottom of the Zinnia block 1 3/4” x 24” - not 2 1/4” x 24”
E3 Cut the house background 18” x 24 1/2” or Cut it 16 1/2” x 20 1/2” and stitch a cut size 2” x 20 1/2” filler
to the top to make it look like the photo. The side squares are an addition to your own liking.
The house block with the sawtooth attached should measure 18” x 24”.



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