Thursday, December 31, 2009

Cheddar Cheese and Crackers

I've been eating my fair share of crackers and cheese since my son came home from college on his Christmas break. This quilt reminds me of that!!

Before going through your scrap bins take a close look at the quilt to see what kind of fabrics the quilt maker used. You can click to enlarge. Obviously you can do your own thing too! Small quilts are a great way to use colors you wouldn't ordinarily use so think outside the box if you want.
This is what you'll need as far as fabric. (you won't need much) If you want it scrappy you'll need 36 different prints. The most of any one of these that you'll need is a 2" x 12" strip. (that isn't exact, just a general amount)

I am using mostly different colors of brown, a few indigo blue and a few pinks.
There are some wonderful cheddar prints and I have a few in my stash but I really wanted to use a solid cheddar. You will need enough cheddar to cut 12- 3 3/8" squares and 3- 5 1/4" squares. (that part is exact, so feel free to cut them now if you want)
You will see 2 shirting prints here but I ended up only using one. It made it much easier unless you want that part to be scrappy too. The original quilt maker used two shirtings.
You will need about 5/8 yard for the light background.

You will need a place to layout your blocks as you assemble them. Look again at the original quilt and the color placement. I've had to keep my pieces on the design wall as I sew. I would never be able to keep it organized if I didn't.
There isn't anything complicated about the sewing so we should be able to have a lot of fun and not stress.
Cutting instructions tomorrow.....
Edited to add a link for each part:


  1. I love the name! How much more perfect could it be?

  2. this is exciting I can't wait to see your blocks on the wall....of course you know I need to see them now before I pick out my fabrics :)

  3. can't wait to get back to my stash sunday to pull these out!!

  4. I'm going to check out my megre stash of repros today and see what I have. I may just do the same since I haven't worked in this colour scheme before.

  5. OOooo...I love your colors. Mine are freshly ironed, trimmed up & ready for more direction. This is SO exciting, thank you for the treat.
    I had no cheddar, so went with a bright rust, then had chose old looking browns, turquoises and dark reds.
    I can't wait!
    Lucy (in IN)

  6. I want to play-- will have to play catch-up as we are driving back on Friday~~

  7. Wow! I'm here by way of Kathie because, of course, with a name like "Cheddar Cheese and Crackers" how could I not?

    Feels like I've hit pay dirt, come home, arrived. What a GREAT Blog!

  8. I love your quilts! And I have been looking for something to do with some Cheddar fabric I have in my stash...time to dig out my Jo Morton fabrics and play today!!!!

  9. I like your color choices. Eons ago I started a Lady of the Lake in these colors so I think I might just use the same since the fabrics are already in a box looking lonely. The only color I always admire, but never use is cheddar so of course I have to use that one.

  10. Beautiful! thanks for providing the pattern. I definitely want to do this, but I have to finish some things up first.

  11. What are the 3- 5 1/4" squares used for?


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