Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Cheddar Cheese & Crackers Finale

Are you ready to make some little 4 patches? And turn them into a 16 patch?

With the printed fabric you already used cut a 1 1/2" x 6 and a little strip. You need exactly 6" but I like to give myself a little extra. I cut one long 1 1/2" strip of shirting and sewed away. You see some of my printed fabrics I used 3". I tried to use up small pieces. Some I even used a 1 1/2" square. You will need two 4 patches of each color.

Lay them out on your wall watching the color placement. Assemble your four 4 patches to make a 16 patch block. Isn't it cute?! Continue until all 16 patches are made.

Assemble, pressing as you go. I pressed how the seams wanted to fall naturally.

According to EQ it should finish at 24" but mine measures 25 unfinished. It should be somewhere in that ballpark.

If you want take a look at the original quilt again for quilting ideas. I noticed the cheddar blocks are quilted in a cross hatch and the prints and shirtings are quilted only on the diagonal. I like it!
If you want to make a larger size quilt and would like larger blocks here are a few measurements.

For an 8" Cheddar & Cracker block cut your center cheddar 6 1/8", your squares 2 1/2", and the squares to cut in half 2 7/8". For the side triangles you would cut a square 9 1/4", then slice on the diagonal twice for 4 triangles.

For a 6" block: 4 3/4" squares for cheddar, 2" squares, 2 3/8" squares to cut into triangles. For the side triangles cut a square 7 1/4", then slice twice.
If you want another size feel free to ask. It is pretty easy to change the sizes in EQ and give you the measurements.
Have fun!!


  1. Thank you so much for sharing this pattern with us
    can't wait to make the quilt...a little quilt and then you can bet I will make a queen size of it too!
    just love looking at it!

  2. yea - I can't wait to finish this wonderful little quilt. I cheated and made the center patchwork block to see how cute it would be.
    I guess I should have waited for the final instructions, I already cut up the little 1 1/2" squares, strip piecing would have been easier - duh on my part.

  3. It's a beutiful quilt - love the pink fabrics you have used on the small pices :o)

  4. Thank you for sharing the instructions and pictures with us.
    This is a great little quilt and will become a treasured addition!

  5. Beautiful little quilt, I am very happy to make it with your instructions. Please, have it a final border or not ? Is it ready to quilt now ?

  6. cute is this?? Looks soooo much like the 4 patch and Furrows quilt I am working block sizes are a little larger I think...2" strips...unfinished block size 61/2"....I may have to dig thru the ole stash and see about my 'cheddars'....thanks for the tutorial Lori!!

  7. Thanks for posting the final installment early. Vicki and I and other pals are having a much needed quilting retreat this weekend, so now I can take it along. I just love this one!

  8. Thank you for taking the time for making this tutorial Lori. I have cut out the fabrics for step 1, and should start sewing soon.

  9. Oh yes....I forgot.....that quilt
    on your header is soooo cute it is just making me 'hurt' all over...HA

  10. Thanks again for taking the time to share these instructions with us. Because of this project, I've been adding to my repro collection of fabrics, this time concentrating on cheddars.
    I'm thoroughly excited about making a larger version. Thanks for those measurements.

  11. Thank you so much for giving cutting instructions for a larger version. I love the look of this pattern. I've already started hand quilting on my little one. I'm doing a crosshatch diagonally through the light squares, cheddar and all. I really love it! I have to go out and get more cheddars. They sure make the quilt sing.

  12. Thanks Lori! I'm off to the sewing machine :0) Thanks as well for the larger block sizes - I'd like to make a larger quilt in this pattern in the future.

  13. Lori, I have decided to make this doll quilt, and I so appreciate your working to get the instructions out to the blogosphere! I have referenced you and your blog in my blog. I hope this is fine with you. I want to post pictures as I go, so I hope that is okay, too. I know there are rules about what's allowed to be published and what's not, but I am not real confident that I know what those precise rules are. So if I don't have permission, please let me know and I will remove accordingly.
    Here is the link to my blog, FYI.


  14. Thank you Lori, it looks beautiful, I can't wait to finish the top off, I love it. Thanks also for thre extra measurements, I'll be keeping those for sure.

  15. Thank you for all the instructions for the little quilt, Lori.
    I can't wait to get started.....I am thinking of making 2; one with cheddar and one much more contemporary.

  16. Lori, thanks for the tutorial- you did a good job! I have started sewing my 4-patches and I will finish the quilt top this weekend. Thank you for your kind words as well.

  17. Thank you so much for sharing the instructions for this fun little quilt!
    Yours is absolutely wonderful. :)
    I have my first one in the dryer now as I type. I've machine quilted it and I'm anxious to see how it will look.
    I've pieced a second colorway and will hand quilt that one with a thinner batting.
    I appreciate the info for the larger sizes. I want to make a larger version of my second one. :)

  18. Thanks for sharing the tutorial Lori. I have finished the top and now just need to handquilt it. I love it and I didn't even need to buy any new fabric!

  19. Thanks so much for the tutorial and sharing this versatile little design! I'm working on my first one, and am thinking about doing another version it in totally different fabrics. Terrific, Lori!

  20. I just printed off the larger measurements. A test block or two is definitely in the future. Trust me. Intelligently yours, *karendianne. the silly.

  21. Its now 2016 and I think we need to start back over with this one! I vote do start our sew alongs back here at the beginning. Lori??!!


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