Saturday, April 24, 2010

Strawberry Fields quiltalong- Let's sew! Part 1

Because it's the weekend I thought some of you would be ready to sew. (if you haven't started already)

You can either lay your cut pieces out in blocks or just start sewing the square in a square and match them up later with your 2" print.

Using your 1 1/2" squares prints (5 per block) and the triangles you cut from the background make a square in a square block. These are pretty small and there wasn't any reason to line up the centers like we might do if it were a larger block. Sew the triangles on the opposite sides first.

Press out toward the background. Then sew the other two sides. Don't press yet.

Make sure you trim those little legs off first!! Then press to the background fabric.

Line up your ruler with 1" in the center both ways and trim the block.........

to a perfect 2" economy patch. You'll need 55 of these for all the whole blocks.

As you can see in the photo for the half blocks it isn't necessary to attach all 4 sides. Once I got on a roll I kept going. Adding 3 sides or 4 sides to the half blocks is up to you. You'll need 8 of the pieced patches for the half blocks.

I have to say I found this part to be rather tedious. I think this would make a wonderful little leader/ender project while sewing something else. I'm sure you'll notice as we move along several of my center squares are really wonky. I was using antique fabric that was fairly thin and difficult to sew with.
Have fun!!! And eat a few strawberries while you're at it.


  1. How much fun is this!! I really like the pattern...and have pulled fabric,and that is far as I got! Thank you,Lori!!

  2. Fantastic! I love how you get this all ready for us so we can play, play, play.

  3. You don't have to tell me twice to eat some strawberries. We had a big strawberry patch when I was growing up. They taste best to pick one out of the patch and eat it right there.

    I have some sewing to finish up and then hope to sew along with you.

  4. Mmmm...sweet post!
    I'm moving slow, but enjoying my fabrics. I am already addicted to your quiltalongs after only 1 and a part!!!


  5. Lucky I had some strawberries today otherwise I would have been craving them after the first photo.
    I'm taking notes on the doll quilt.

  6. Lookin good. I love your blog header too.

  7. This looks like fun!. What a cute quilt! That strawberry looked so yummy. We should be able to get fresh ones here next week!

  8. You got me at strawberries...such a cute pattern! I have a few vintage full size blocks with this pattern. I like it reduced it off to pull a few fabrics!

  9. I'm so happy to have found you! LOVE your quilts and your site. I just started bloggin in Feb., I live on Cumberland Island, GA. No bridges to the mainland, no stores, no mail.... Nothing but Atlantic ocean, wild horses, my husband & pups and quilting! and now my blog. I'll be back often!

  10. Hi Lori

    Love this quilt and will definitely make it - but not now - too hectic here. How much red fabric is required? I have a beautiful piece on my knee but not sure if it's enough.

  11. How fun! I really had fun putting these together,
    Thank you Lori for the clear instructions.
    I decided to cut into my V&A quilt exhibit commemorative pack of fabrics and I can't wait to show you how lovely the blocks are turning out.
    Thanks again!
    Valentina from Cyprus

  12. Hi Lori! A blogging friend showed me your blog as I love making miniature quilts. She was very bad to do that since I had to start this quilt now I have the first block together and hope to work on more this week as much as I can. It is a busy week but I want to have this done for your next step. I don't know how long you are waiting to do the next step? I just finished two other little quilts (which you can see on my blog) that I now will wait to hand quilt until I get this one together. :-)

    Hugs from Holland ~

  13. i'm hand piecing my little blocks and have two completed with a third on the way . . . having a great time and will post progress on my blog soon~!~



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