Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Last Call......

Last call for Strawberry Fields quilt tops not the last drink of the night. You have until midnight tonight Pacific Standard Time to enter your quilt link on this post. If you haven't seen all 17 quilts you are missing out!! I've really enjoyed seeing all of the color combinations and wonderful borders.

I'll draw two names from everyone who posted a link and you'll each win a lovely little stack of fat eighths reproduction prints. (mostly a variety of reds to celebrate our Strawberry success)
If you'd like to make larger blocks the sizes are below.

6" finished block-

A- 1 7/8" square cut on the diagonal
B- 2 1/2" squares
C- 1 7/8 square
For the setting triangles cut your squares 10 1/2" square then cut twice on the diagonal to get four quarter triangles.
For the corner triangles cut your squares 5 1/4" then cut once on the diagonal for two half triangles.

9" finished block-

A- 2 3/8" square then cut on diagonal
B-3 1/2" squares
C- 2 5/8" squares
Setting triangles- 14 3/4" squares, slice twice
Corner triangles- 7 1/2" cut on the diagonal once

Thanks again to all of you for playing along!! I am having a lot of fun doing this and LOVE the little quilts I've made so far.


  1. Wonderful ! Many thanks to you Lori for the quilt along & the pleasure to see all wonderful versions.

  2. Thanks for the adjusted size dimensions. I had so hoped to make this one, but other things got in the way. It's still on my list, though! Hope you know how much you are appreciated :)

  3. Thanks so much for doing the quilt along Lori! It's so fun to do a project as part of a group and see the little differences each person makes. I thoroughly enjoyed it! I hope you'll do another?

  4. Thanks so much Lori! I thoroughly enjoyed making both little quilts. I hope you'll do this again? It's so fun to do a project with others and see the various little changes everyone makes. :)

  5. I am really wanting you to know how grateful I am for YOU. Appreciate these last two quilty events. Really enjoyed learning. Completely pleased with the outcomes - both times and generally have had a wonderful experience. As for my hand-quilting. Well, I'm stuck in the ditch. I need a tow truck...

  6. All of the quilts were wonderful to see and I loved the different colours in some of the versions.

  7. What a nice surprise -
    It was a great quilt along again and so wonderful to see all the different variations!


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