Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Strawberry Fields Forever

What an amazing fun week I've had. I still haven't caught up on my sleep, but hey, I can do that anytime.
My nephew did graduate, as scheduled, the taco bar at his party was a hit, company made it here and back safely, we made it to Seattle and back safely and my son made it to Denmark and back safely! Whew!!

I am ready to see some wonderful Strawberry Fields quilts from our quiltalong.

Here is my finished doll quilt.

Here was my original plan from EQ. I opted not to add the border because I thought it might distract too much from the little blocks. I'm curious to see if anyone decided to add a border.

If anyone is interested in a larger block let me know in the comment section and I'll post the cutting sizes in a later post.

Please add the link to the post on your blog, not your blog address. We want your quilt to be easy to find. If you aren't finished that's OK, post it anyway.
If you don't have a blog please send me a photo and I'll post it. (I'm trying the thumbnail version of Linky- so click on it to see the photo or blog post)

I'll have this open for a week to show us your quilt, then I'll have a random drawing from everyone who linked their quilt.


  1. I really like your little quilt, especially how you quilted it.

  2. I like the way your links work this time. What wonderful little quilts - I only wish I had one to add.

  3. so much fun to see all of the little quilts inspired by your fabulous quilt-a-long Lori~!!~

    just wanted to say that i also really liked the one by Carol M but couldn't figure out how to comment directly onto it . . . those pinks are very pretty~!

    after seeing the skinny inner border option i'm wondering if i should go that route . . . still having trouble making up my mind~!!~


  4. Oh, Don't they all look great. I always find it amazing how you can all do the same quilt but with different fabrics how they come out.
    Great Job Girls!

  5. Very excited to have a top to share, if not yet a quilt! This has been lots of fun, Lori. Thank you so much for all your efforts to have us play along :)

  6. Wonderful Strawberry quilts! Wish I'd had the time to join in. I've always wanted to make a quilt with the zig zag.

  7. HI Lori,
    I did my post and linked it here. But somehow I could only link to my blog. As soon as I linked to the actual post it kept saying it was not a valid address. Hope it doesn't matter too much.

  8. well i've never "played" with Mr. Linky before and hopefully i did everything right . . .

    happy to be able to add my little top to this fabulous collection and can hardly wait to get on to the business of hand quilting it~!

    THANK YOU Lori for hosting this project. it has both challenged and entertained me.
    i also LOVE seeing what the other participants have done~!!~


  9. It's very sweet, I love the name of this little quilt.

  10. I love ALLLLLL of your little quilts!~What FUN!
    I'd join in if I didn't have so many projects currently going. I'll try for the next one... Great job everyone! XO

  11. Hi, Lori!

    I absolutely fell in love with this little quilt, but I wasn't going to make it right now; just bookmarked the patterns... well, yesterday I caved... Sorting through scraps earlier last week I found I had the quilt more or less cut out already, so off to the sewing machine they went... I hope to have a top to show you in a few hours...

    Thank you for a lovely pattern!


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