Thursday, January 5, 2012

Pink Lemonade- Part 1

I am so thrilled to hear so many of you want to make Pink Lemonade!! There is always so much going on in the world of quilting blogs that I always wonder if anybody will want to do it. I love to share with you and see your wonderful creations! Thank you for playing along with me!!

Here are the specs:
The quilt, as I have it made will finish approx 17"x 22.5. The  shoofly blocks will finish at 4 1/2" square. This is such a classic fun pattern that it is no wonder I was drawn to the antique.

We are making 6 of them. In the original quilt  the blocks are (2) red, (2)navy and (2) brown or tan. My plan was to make it fairly close to the original- feel free to use what you love.
To make one block:
From the main print (brown, navy and red) cut:
(2) 2 3/8 squares, then once on the diagonal for 4 triangles.
(1) 2" square.
From pink/background cut:
(2) 2 3/8" squares, then once on the diagonal for 4 triangles.
(4) 2" squares

Sew together the print and background triangles to make the corner half square triangles.
Lay your pieces out, as shown.
Sew into rows, (press toward the pink) then sew the rows together.

Make 6 for your quilt and ta-da! Finished for now.

If you haven't done my quiltalongs, I do not have a set time or day that I post the next step. I like to take it nice and slow so there is NO pressure to keep up.


  1. I'm almost ready to start! I'm just not happy with one of the browns I've chosen - will have to check the stash again. Thanks!

  2. Thanks for sharing, Lori! This is the first time I've followed one of your QALs and hope to make a start over the weekend. Luv.........Ann J

  3. I'm pulling out the pinks to get started right now. Fun, fun, fun. Thanks for another cute quilt along, Lori.

  4. Happy to follow you again, I want not to miss one of your QAL :) Thanks Lori XXX

  5. I don't have many reproductions so I've decided to do this with what I have on hand. I'm looking forward to relearning how to machine piece because I usually piece by hand.

    I was looking forward to this post.

  6. Love these little blocks. First time on a QAL and I am happy to be joining you.

  7. I will enjoy watching! I'm trying to be good and work on a older quilt!

  8. Love the name and churn dash is one of my favorite blocks!

  9. Guess what I'll be doing later?

    Thanks, Lori. I'm pumped!

  10. Thank you Lori for sharing your quilt. I was looking for some inspiration for my next quilt. I will be following along. I love these blocks.

  11. Thanks Lori this is adorable and one of my favorite blocks. Playing around with color choices for mine. Thanks for the pictures makes so easy!

  12. I went through my stash last night and pulled out fabulous stuff I had forgotten about! I'll be sewing this starting tonight and through the weekend if necessary. Love it!

  13. WHOO HOO!!! I am making two because I couldn't decide which after playing with some scraps friends gave me. I still want to make one in the original colors too though! I started out looking for pink, but a vintage navy pink with daisies just HAD to be used instead of the yellow! SOOOOO ready!

    Lucy (who is ready to have a BLAST this evening)

  14. I'm so excited to start this. Thanks for sharing the pattern. Hugs

  15. I got my six blocks made. Any easy part 1.

  16. I just finished my 6 blocks! Yea!! I didn't bring too much fabric with me, so I barely had enough pink. I think I'll buy some do I can make the partial blocks and maybe for the backing. I love this project!!

  17. I have my six blocks finished and all of my fabrics picked out. They are posted on my blog.

    My blog is new although I have been reading blogs for years (especially yours!) and don't comment very often.

    This is your first quilt-a-long I have done although I have wanted to do others. Thanks for doing this!

  18. Now I want to start this little cutie Lori - you temptress!

  19. I am tempted, but shouldn't be!!

  20. Love these little blocks! Made three after dinner...think the longest part is picking out the fabric! THanks...

  21. I'll be selecting the fabrics and working on the shoo-fly block this weekend.

    Just know it's going to be pretty!

  22. Thankyou Lori, I will get this done over the weekend, I'm loving this already!!!!

  23. I love it! Count me totally in!
    The pink is awesome :)

  24. so happy to join in even though i really should be doing other things. this is my secret indulgence from the ongoing effort to finish projects already started.
    thank you very much for doing this. they are so much fun~!


  25. finished my shoofly blocks!! using pink & yellow found in my stash. & love that it's called Pink Lemonade.

  26. Ah yes ... simple, classic blocks are nearly irresistible. Will be quilting along "in-spirit".

    Happy New Year, Lori.

  27. Just got back home and am now looking through the stash. I want to work on these this afternoon so that I can be caught up for now!
    Thank you for having this!

  28. I could not resist, I am using a couple of 6 inches squares from my stash, for the shoofly.

    Thanks Lori!



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