Monday, January 9, 2012

Pink Lemonade Part 2

We are moving on to the half blocks. It would be so easy and tempting to make one whole block, then cut it in half, but then you'd lose any seam allowance. I like to make humble quilts (like some our grandmother's made) but as long as we have the extra fabric we will do it right.
To make 2 half blocks:
From printed fabric, cut:
1- 2 3/4" square then cut it twice on the diagonal for 4 quarter square triangles.
2- 2 3/8" squares, then cut once on the diagonal for 4 half square triangles.
These may be easy to get confused so be careful.
From background/pink cut:
4 2" squares
1- 2 3/4" square then cut it twice on the diagonal for 4 quarter square triangles
1 2 3/8" square, then cut once on the diagonal for 2 half square triangles

Lay out your fabric as show above. Sew together the quarter square triangles making sure to line them up so the straight of grain is on the outside to prevent stretching.
Match up your triangles to make the corner square.
Sew together in rows.
Then sew those rows together.
I never stray too far from grandmother's humble piecing! LOL

To make the quiltalong like the original you will need ten (10) half blocks. I made mine in  pairs with the same fabric

Happy Monday!!


  1. Thank you Lori. I got my first blocks done and now I'm worried I won't have enough pink! I will have to look into this :)

  2. I was thinking about these blocks this morning. Deja

  3. Thanks for the next installment Lori. I better get busy and finish up step 1!!

  4. I was hoping to get the first blocks made today. This gives me extra incentive. I wondered if we would be chopping blocks in half or not. Now I know. : )

  5. I had to get in on the 12 days and while my Civil war is out will have to play catch up today. Thanks for showing the humble ones too. Do you re-do those?

  6. This is going to be so cute. This is a unit I have so much trouble with. I may have to try it again so I can make this quilt.

  7. LOVE how it's going together!!!

  8. Have my 6 blocks all made and now to get to these. I wont have enough pink either, so I'll be using a different one. It's humble at it's best! yay!

  9. Thank you, Lori. I love having the math all done...feel SO spoiled. My blocks are SO cute.


  10. thank you Lori. i've managed to get my first squares all sewn and am having a great time~!


  11. Thanks for including the warning about how it doesn't work to just make full blocks and slice them in half. I learned the wisdom of that the hard way, running out of fabric after I thought I was smarter than the instructions I was reading.

  12. Thanks for posting the next step. I finished them tonight.

  13. Thankyou for your second installment!!! I had such fun with the first one and have already started on these new instructions!!!

  14. Lori,
    I decided to make mine in 1930's colors in pink, yelow, red, green, and black. I made all 6 blocks tonight and hope to make the half blocks tomorrow. This has been a fun mini. I'll try to post pictures on my blogg tomorrow.

  15. I just finished mine today. Thanks again!

  16. Such fun little blocks...thank you for doing all the figuring!

  17. Hi Lori, i tried really, REALLY hard to resist but i've caved!! i adore vintage quilts & i simply LOVE your darling little antique shoo-fly quilt. I chose my fabrics today, first block's made & five are ready to piece, i've also blogged about it so that more people can enjoy your QAL!! thank you for being such a SWEET inspiration!! cheers, Marian

  18. I am all caught up now! Thanks, lori!!


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