Monday, April 10, 2017

Beauville Textiles

In the fall of 2015 I was able to see these amazing and beautiful antique textiles by 
Beauville  on display in Alsace. 

 They were selling scrap bags and I really didn't think I had room for them. Mary Kovall said I must! So I did!
This backing is from that bag of Beauville scraps. Such a fun memory when I look through these fabrics.

Quilts and fabric are so much more than a "blanket" for warmth. Each piece of fabric is associated with a person, place or memory that makes it special.

Have a lovely week, dear friends.


  1. So beautiful! What a treat :)

  2. The piece in the first picture is a gorgeous one. Scrap bags.....I can see why you purchased one.

  3. I have been sorting through fabric lately. I have so much fabric that brings me joy and good memories. I love it when that special piece makes its way into a project.

  4. Really lovely fabric and great advice! I'd do what Mary Koval said too!

  5. You are right, Lori! In 1997 I did my very first trip to U.S., where I fell in love with the world of quilts! I bought a handful of fat quarter. During this twenty years I made every effort to learn how to make a quilt, and right now I'm not an expert but I find joy in every little work I have done. Every small scrap of this fabrics still reminds me of this wonderful trip!
    Your scrap bags is a treasure!

  6. OH so pretty! Each quilt reminds me of what I was doing at the time I was making it, along with special fabrics...quilts become memories for me!

  7. Mary is good at encouraging us to appreciate history in fabric. Yeah Mary! Thank you for sharing.

  8. Well, I think it is a good thing you listened to Mary!

  9. Enjoyed seeing the fabrics.I was fortunate in 2013 to visit the States and went to Mary's store. I fell in love with a quilt Mary had on the wall.Mary had a kit, which I have since made.It is my memory of fall in your country.JulieQ (a longtime friend) comment is so true for me.

  10. love fabrics with a story!
    those large prints are so gorgeous!!!


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