Monday, April 29, 2019

Spencer Museum Quilt month 3

Here is my 3rd block of the Spencer Museum quilt designed by Jan Patek.

I tried to add a bit of green, but really didn't like it.

Here are my three blocks. Unfortunately it was getting late and the light in my sewing room was not good. Let's do the final block next month, then quilt assembly the following month.

Here is Dorothy R lovely block!!

Be sure to check out Karen and Rebecca's blog and see their blocks. Anybody else?

String linky party on May 1st! My blocks are done, but I need to sew them together!!

Friday, April 26, 2019

Humble Quilts Quiltalongs

While gathering quilts for my lecture in Boise I came across several of the Humble Quilts quiltalongs!  Did you know that all 13 of these are free and on this blog?

You will need to search a little for them. There is a box on the upper left corner that you can put in quiltalong or the name of the quilt if you know it and the directions will be there!

You can see each of there HERE on pinterest.


Spencer quilt museum block sharing on April 29
String linky party on May 1st.

Have a terrific weekend!

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Simply Wednesday

Little swap quilts are winging there way across the world and what I've seen so far, you all have made amazing quilts!

While prepping for my quilt lecture I came across several of the little quilts I've received in the Humble Quilts swap. Each one is a treasure!

You have a little bit of time to get your quilt in the mail. If yours is going overseas, I hope it is on the way!

Love to you all!

Monday, April 22, 2019

1857 Album Quilt

The 1857 Album Quilt patterned by Gay Bomers is complete!!

 Thank you Gay!
I love the subtle changes of the background muslin I used. I think it instantly ages my reproductions.

I wanted the quilting to be traditional but free flowing. Sharon Tucker is so good at doing overlays and sending them to me to try and capture what I'm looking for. 

I love it! Thank you Sharon!

3 reds were used for the backing.

After washing the quilt with as many color catchers as I had 3 or 4 of my backgrounds absorbed a little of the red, so they are tinged pink. Aargh! I thought I'd try the sun before anything else.  Someone recommended soaking in Dawn dishsoap, but because there is so much red I'm hesitant to do that. After I get more color catchers I may wash it again and see if it will come out. If it doesn't come out I'll say it is the way I age my quilts! LOL LOL

Thanks for all your encouragement as I worked on this for many months!!

Let's make it a terrific week!

If you are near Boise on Thursday I'll be there for a quilt lecture and would love for you to come! Please introduce yourself as a  blog reader!! Here's the link to Boise Basin Quilters.

Friday, April 19, 2019

A Quilt Legacy

Many have heard the news of the passing of quilt legend (she'd get a kick out of that, wouldn't she??!!) Gwen Marston. Her influence on the quilt world was huge. 

She was funny, kind and so expressive. I was honored to have taken several classes and listened to a few of her lectures. 

This was the last one I attended at The Stitchin' Post in Sisters, Oregon.

I can only imagine what she is saying here!!
These next few quilts are from a string class I took. 

The next 2 photos were from the Quilt Museum in LaConner.

The next few quilts were started in a class with Gwen or inspired by Gwen. 
She gave us permission to change up borders!

And make our own patterns. (Above and below)

Our fun Gweenie Inspired Round Robin on Humble Quilts!
My friend Barb was a friend of Gwen's and influenced her lectures and classes a lot. Make a unique quilt and make it your own! 

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Double 4 Patches and the Go!

 I'm making a couple hundred of these 4" double 4 patches. I knew the Go cutter would be a lifesaver for this project. Bonnie mentioned she would show me a fast technique using her Studio cutter.  I know Bonnie has all kinds of tricks up her sleeve so I brought a big bag of light and dark strips.
And sewed a bunch of them together. 

 Then she proceeded to demonstrate while I took some photos. Fold strips in half and cut.
 Place them opposite colors together nestling the seams. 
 She has drawn lines on her 1.5" strip cutter- great idea! (corrected to read 1 1/2")
 Line them up across the cutter, stacking about 6 layers (3 sets)
 Place your cutting board over the top, roll it through and let the magic begin! I was having problems with the fabric sticking to the board and she showed me how to slide it off to one side to keep the fabric on the die. She then removed all little pieces, and stacked up the pairs.
And in short order I had 100+ 4 patches!! 

I was so excited! Thanks again Bonnie for the tutorial!

I'd love to hear any tips and tricks that you have learned with your cutter. I'm new at it and am still learning.

Monday, April 15, 2019

Local Quilt Show

I had a really nice weekend. My friend, Michelle, came on Friday, we attended a women's expo on Saturday, followed by hiking, followed by a local quilt show on Sunday!
Here's a few photos from the show, in no particular order.

I'm not a fan of most panels, but love this one!

 My friend Christy, who I retreated with in Sisters this winter, put in 3 of her Bonnie Hunter mystery quilts! I sent photos to Bonnie!!

 Christy's grandmother made this quilt. 
 I entered a few of my most recent finishes.
 This ins't my style of quilt at all, but the story was super sweet! The tag is below. 

 "Women of courage" That border and blue fabric is so beautiful!
 Another Bonnie Hunter mystery.

My lovely friend Rachel, entered several quilts, this was one of them.

 Another mystery..

 Christy entered this little quilt I made for her. 
This was kind of cute, but not quite sure what's hanging in the windows? Faceless heads??? LOL