Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Strippie Quilts

I was fortunate enough to see Kaye England at Sisters one year. I thought she was a hoot and was drawn to her quilts. I had been wanting to make a strippie quilt for some time and I saw that she would be teaching a class at the Stitchin' Post so I jumped at the chance.
These are the quilts she brought with her.

This strippie reminds me of the really old busy fabric quilts that I love.

This little churn dash strippie is one I did in class.

This black one is one I made using blocks I received in a swap. I think I got the whole strippie thing out of my system.


  1. I like to make strippie quilts. I made a quilt top like the first one shown in your post and that was many years ago. I don't have it any more so I must have donated it to the guild auction.

  2. What wonderful quilts! I have a strippie planned and partially cut - 4-patch on point. I really should get back to it.

    I love yours! Churn dash is one of my favorite blocks.

  3. Thanks for the great show and tell. I love all of the quilts!

  4. The quilts are just beautiful. What a treat to actually meet Kaye!


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