Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Reproduction Fabrics Quilt Shop

One last stop on our Midwest road trip. We didn't plan it perfectly because we ended on Labor day weekend. We had to make hard choices, go to Wisconsin and hit JJ stitches and Country Sampler or Minnesota to Reproductionfabrics.com.  Margo's shop in Northfield, Minnesota was the winner hands down. I was so thrilled to be visiting! I have used her site to learn so much about historic fabrics. I recently saw her Youtube video Cottonopia

This was made with 3" stars. Don't you just love it?!

Margo gave us the pattern as soon as she saw us admiring it. 

The photos are in order of how I took them. Small but mighty shop if you love reproductions!

Margo was so generous with her knowledge!
She shared with us about the indigo prints using these amazing blocks. (more details at the end of this post)

Cute little quilts here and there.

Mickey and Margo. Both were the sweetest and so kind!

And we did laugh quite a bit when we were there!

She gave me quite a few hand outs and I called her to make sure I could post them here. 
Scroll to the end to see a little of my purchases!

She asked me to make sure 18th century French illustrator, Diderot,  got credit for this drawing. :)

I picked up a couple packages of scraps! (big surprise, right?) See the two strips of floral on the left? They were in the trash! I did ask permission to take them! hahaha

It was really so much fun. We spent a little over 2 hours in the shop and we never felt any pressure to purchase or leave! They were both just very wonderful people! 

If you are ever in the area I recommend a stop. (call first)

I hope you'll check out her website (linked at the top) and her YouTube.  (linked at the top)

And if you need one more reason to go to Northfield, MN. 

I'm putting my Etsy store on vacation mode starting Friday. If you've had your eye on anything this week would be a good time to purchase! I've got a lot of new used  quilt books and new fabric, mostly reproduction.  I appreciate you all so much! Thank you!

Friday, September 22, 2023

Another Photo Heavy Post!

I'd like to share a few quilt shops we went to on our Midwest road trip. And a few other random photos! In no particular order on my blog:

This first one was jammed packed. It is called The Quilted Moose in Gretna, NE

Since nobody is paying me for reviews, I'll just say this was the least friendly quilt store that we shopped.

Loved Country Sampler in Omaha. 

Laurie and I had a conversation about what the Midwest is known for other than corn. She convinced me it was pork! I thought if it was true this photo was appropriate. Photo taken in the cute town of Walnut, Iowa. 

And corn! Lots of corn! 

This big shop with retreat center is in Elk Horn, Iowa! It is a historically Danish town. 

I only have one photo of this amazing quilt Laurie purchased at the store next to the Iowa Quilt Museum in Winterset. It's a real beauty!

Saw this lovely quilt at an antique store around Des Moines

A little unusual, soft and charming. 

With this sweet backing!

The Quilted Windmill is in the adorable town of Pella, Iowa. (founded by immigrants from the Netherlands)

Wherever you see a giant line you must jump in and find out why! 

The beautiful tiles were on a side of a building. 

Laurie was a good sport to stop when I yelled STOP! Photo op!

 We headed toward the town of Amana and several other small towns associated with the German colony of Amana.  This place had some beautiful, but overpriced quilts. 

Historic store built from limestone. 

A quilt shop in Amana that was too busy chatting amongst themselves to even greet us. 

The town had a woolen mill.
The history of the German group is a little weird, but they made great buildings! Read more HERE

Photo op! Wellman Iowa

We headed to the town of Kalona, Iowa. 

It's an Amish community. 

We got in rather late in the day and knew most everything would be closed, but we walked through town anyway. 

On the sidewalk with a corresponding brick quilt block. 

Calico Hutch quilt shop-Hayward Minnesota- pretty much out in the corn fields! haha

I'm not even sure where this is except Lakefront Park

I thought this was so cute! This was in Chippewa Falls, WI

Point Comfort State Park 

Cool historic building in Chippewa Falls. 

As you can see I LOVED seeing a part of the USA that I haven't seen up close and personal before. 

I hope you have enjoyed tagging along with me. I have one more quilt shop to share. (PS I saved the best for last!)