Monday, August 3, 2020

Buhl Bushong Repeated

One more quadrant complete! I only have the buds to applique on the final 4 blocks, sew them together, then get the center blocks together! So nice to think about this getting closer to a finish.
Cory was off this weekend and we went for a picnic and this was our view!
Elsa and I got out early Sunday for a walk. Mt Jefferson was looking rather regal.

Thank you for your kind comments about our women's gathering. 
We are hoping to hold a Part 2, Q & A

I hope your weekend was wonderful adn you are looking forward to a great week!

Friday, July 31, 2020

50 Shades of Brown in More than one Way

After doing 2 little paper pieced borders I believe I'll need to rethink the quilt if I want anyone to sew along!! LOL 
I thought these 2 pieces look a little like pointy teeth!! hahahaha

I don't have it trimmed quite all the way but the finished size is 1"x9"
Even if you don't paper piece and I offer templates I think it will still be a little more tedious than a "fun" sewalong should be!!
And because I live in the desert and we get very little precipitation, the name comes from my area with word play on the book 50 Shades of Gray (which I had no desire to read) 
Hence the quilt name, "50 Shades of Brown"

On another note.
2 friends and myself felt called to have a get together  to talk about race and racism in our community. 
We kept the group small and limited to personal invitations to woman from our churches. 
Each of us contacted a woman of color that we knew  and asked if they'd be willing to speak and share their personal stories. 
With everything that has, and is going on, it is such a good time to listen and discuss racism. 

We supported a local outdoor venue and although the day's temp topped at 100 all 30 people, which was our limit, came! It was very exciting.  Here is Laurie, a Native American, who takes every opportunity she can to educate others about her culture, history and current racism issues. 

Here is Irene, who was raised in a large non English speaking migrant family.  She was really nervous, so her good friend sat close for support. 

And Cecilia, who grew up in the south and shared with us "at least you knew who didn't like you there." 
None of these women are holding grudges, but were eager to educate and share their experiences. My heart was touched. 

I hope your week is going great. Not sure what I'm up to this weekend. It's been HOT!

Much Love

Monday, July 27, 2020

Epic Summer Adventure

I mentioned last week I was off for an adventure and it was EPIC!

First off, going out with girlfriends is fun. 

Here we are all fresh, clean and ready to go!

7.3 miles later and this was the view from my tent at Mirror Lake, elevation 7,595'

This photo says Mirror Lake is a good name for it.

 Always enjoy sunsets.
We hiked a 5 miles alpine lake loop on Thursday. 
And took a dip to freshen up! LOL

 Our view again from my tent. I just couldn't get enough!
There were many water crossings....

And waterfalls.
The drive to the trailhead was beautiful too.

And to keep this quilt related....
 Also seen on the way to the trailhead. 

When I arrived home my winnings from Cecile's star quiltalong were here! I received  these lovely colors of Auriful thread. Thank you Cecile.

It's going to be Hot, Hot Hot this week! Hopefully I'll get a chance to Sew, Sew, Sew! 

Let's have a great week!

Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Mid Week Quilt Show

Good morning quilt friends!

My bags are packed and I'm ready to go........ ♫♫  But I'm not leaving on a jet plane. LOL

Headed to alpine lakes and mountains!

If you are so inclined here are a few quilts I've made:

See you next Monday!