Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Technical Difficulties

One positive thing, my son came over and helped me set up my 2 camera system set up so I can do workshops through Zoom. Because one is a new class for 2020 I had not been able to do it live before covid hit. Would any of you be interested in paying for a class for me to work a few bugs out? If I have enough interest I'll get it set up. 

This is the class:

New for 2020!
String Quilts Your Way!
String quilts have been made since 1860. Most were foundation pieced for stability and ease of sewing. If you've ever wanted to make a string quilt but didn't know where to start, this class is for you. Each quilt will be unique as you will decide which quilt block or setting to use. A fun and informative class!


On a lousy technical note, my computer updated and I am no longer receiving my email to my inbox! The last day I got it was 10/14. It looks like my messages are downloading but I have no idea where they are going. I've tried searching my entire computer and am at a loss. 

The "lost" emails are your comments that you leave on my blog. I'm getting them on my phone, and I've started saving them to my server. It seems to be complicated. Please forgive me for not responding! I'm waiting for my son to come again and see if he can help me. 

On a fun note: Every year Aurora has a contest for Halloween. I snapped a couple of photos of my favorite scarecrows!


We have snow predicted and temps below 20! Brrr.... 

Take care.

Monday, October 19, 2020

Aurora Colony Quilt Show 2020

I always look forward to the Aurora Colony Quilt Show so when I found out they were still going to have it, I was thrilled. It was a scaled down version and included only the Historical Colony Quilts this year. My favorites, so even better!

Lydia Bauer Irvin 1866-1899
 There was no explanation about the 2 dates and initials.

My photo looks very orange but it was more of a reddish orange. The large one in the back:  unknown maker, 1860-1880
The little one is a reproduction made by the Aurora Colony Historical Society in 2007

Pieced and quilted by Annie Giesy Becke

It looks like the pillow topper was made completely separate. Maybe she didn't like it in two pieces and decided to sew them together. Has anyone seen this before? Or have another idea?

Pieced and quilted by Christina Stauffer Wolfer

I loved this one so much! See the cute little patch? Works perfect!

This was not as fluorescent as it looks. The lighting is not that good in the museum.
Pieced and quilted by a member of the Keil family.

LOVE that quilting!!

So many of these quilts have that terrific quilt pattern in the large setting square. It could be more common than I think, but I've mostly seen it on the Colony quilts. 
Pieced and quilted by Ethel Combs

I noticed several quilts that had these very large borders. Good way to make your quilt fit your bed!
Pieced and quilted by a member of the Wolfer-Scholl family 1875-1900

Double sided nine patch. This is the first time I remember seeing this charming utility quilt. 
Pieced and quilted by a member of the Wolfer-Scholl family 1870-1890

Got green? 
Attributed to Catherine Steinbach c1875

Another really wide border.

Beautiful quilting.

Found in the Frederick Keil House, maker unknown
This makes my heart go pitter patter. 

Unknown maker
Pieced and quilted by a member of the Kraus family 1870-1910
Love that quilting!! 

It was an enjoyable day and more meaningful that the volunteers (mostly elderly) did what they could to make this show happen. It was apparent they were happy to be there, dressed in costume, greeting show goers. All in all more special than usual.

Much love to you all...


Friday, October 16, 2020

Poppy's Polka Dot


Gay at Sentimental Stitches is up to her usual antics!
A FREE BOM! Isn't this sampler quilt stunning?

Read about the history of this fabulous 1850-1860 quilt and get block 1 &2 HERE

Thank you Gay for your accuracy and generosity. 

My out and about this week.....

 We took my son out for his birthday and I said we must go see some fall color before dinner! 
We found it!

I had to go into Portland for business and spend a little time with my daughter and had to enjoy this different scenery on my over the mountain. 
Can you tell this is the wet side of the mountain?

If you want to add your 50 Shades of Brown to the linky on Monday but can't figure it out, feel free to send me a photo and I'll add it.  There will be a random drawing from everyone who adds their quilt!

Have an amazing weekend! 

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Antique Block Challenge

Last year at the Houston Quilt show I challenged a few blog readers to an antique block challenge. 

It was this: The antique blocks are an optional challenge- make a quilt with it, cut it up, undo the seams, keep it whole, make a little quilt, big quilt, potholder, label, etc........ And you have a year to complete it. 

Well, this is my reminder if you wanted to play that a year is closing in! The deadline will be American Thanksgiving, November 26th. 

                               Connie, Jan, Sandy, me, Ann, Kevin and Tea and their blocks. 

And- Christopher, Cecile, Janet. (Christopher was along for the ride with Cecile) 

Here is my block and I started my challenge at my retreat! Need to get back to it soon!

If you have an orphan antique block and would like to join the challenge, please feel free!