Friday, September 20, 2019

Friday Fun!

I'm going to be all over the place today!

Looks at this darling little kitty print! This is from a little scrap that Donna so generously shared with me, Bonnie and Randy as a thank you for our blogs. How sweet! Thank you again Donna!!

I had someone ask on the Facebook group if I'd be doing a large quilt sewalong in 2020. 
I'm working on 2 large reproduction projects right now but mentioned a primitive quilt from this book. 

Looks like we will be doing this one. 
I made a one block wonder of it many years ago. I do love the hand buttonhole stitch I did on it.

Many of you are struggling with the Almost Amish quiltalong. Because you used different colors than I did it is making it a bit trickier to stay organized. 

 These are the 6 fabrics I used in my quilt and is what I will refer to when we are sewing the various parts. You need to write down what fabric you are using in place of mine. Print the above image and use it to help.

This is what I did to help my friend Michelle. Every time I say tan/brown she needs to use her pink fabric, etc...
Right now this is what you need for 4 patches: (5) maroon and white (18) blue and tan/brown (9) maroon and tan/brown and (36)2 1/2" black squares.
If you need my help please email!

Loved this book and know why it had 100+ holds on it before I got it!!

My garden feels a little like spring.

 Rugosas blooming.
 This alba is about 10' high. I love it!
 My lupine have never bloomed in September!

Fun Instagram from the past week. 
I'll leave you with this precious photo of Miss Elsa. 

Life is Great!!

Have a lovely weekend. 

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Almost Amish part 2

Hello friends! I hope you'll still be my friends after today's part 2! I must have been writing part 1 in my sleep!!! LOL  You'll see why in a minute. (don't worry, no seam ripper will be necessary!)

Cut 36- 2 1/2" black squares. Set aside

For the quilt to be effective it is all about color placement. Use the same color that you used for the brown/tan and maroon in the other blocks. 

From your brown/tan and maroon (we used both of these colors in part 1)  cut 1 1/2" strips to equal 27" (or a little longer) Or feel free to cut squares like I did above. If you've made strips, sub cut like in part 1.
Make 9 four patches (NOT 7 like in the photo!!) 

 As in step 1 we will be making more blue and brown/tan  4 patches. I'm so sorry! I think I just looked at the photo I snapped, and in my head I thought 4 of them.
You will need a total of 18 blue and brown/tan four patches.

Done! For now! 

My paper has everything written down correctly, just my brain and paper need to get on the same page!! LOL

Added: After step 2 you need 9 total maroon and brown/tan, 18 blue and brown/tan, and 5 maroon/light 4 patches and 36 black 2 1/2" squares.

I hope your week is going terrific!!

Monday, September 16, 2019

Mt Hood Guild Quilt Show

There are so many quilt shows going on in the Pacific Northwest. I'm hoping to make it to at least 2 more! This weekend I had to travel to the suburbs and my friend Michelle reminded me of this quilt show! yay! I'm so glad I went. It's always fun to be inspired and see what's going on in the quilt world around me. Here's a few from the show.
Such pretty fabric!!

Not very many hand quilted. :(

I love that these were actually made from her husbands Hawaiian shirts! 

Look how short my daughter cut my hair! I love to change it up!!
My friend daughter pieced this terrific quilt! She is 9!! Yay for the next generation of quilters!! Good job Brianna and momma Rachel!!

Friday, September 13, 2019

Almost Amish Part 1

You will cut a 1 1/2" strip of blue and a 1 1/2" strip of tan/brown. Strips need to be at least 12". Or if you are using very small scraps, then make more than one strip set.

Cut your blue-brown/tan strip into 1 1/2" sub cuts, then make (4) four patches as shown. 

Cut a 1 1/2" strip of light/white and 1 1/2" strip of maroon. This needs to equal 15". 

Sub cut into 1 1/2"  and make (5) 4 patches as shown above. 

Ta-Da! Done!!