Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Jane Stickle Quilt In War Time 1868

Someone on the facebook group, Humble Quilts- (Click HERE if you want to join) mentioned they stopped by the Bennington Museum to see Jane Stickle's sampler quilt while it was still on display. 
One day I'd love to see it in person!
24 years ago (wow!) I started to make this amazing sampler with only a book that had line drawings. 

As you can see I still embraced the humble quilts way, just as Jane Stickle did and many quilters before us. 

This was the first and last time I made a scalloped border. I'm so glad I did!

One of the few quilts I made that does not have a pieced backing with a variety of prints.

 It took me one year to piece the top, machine pieced, hand appliqued, paper pieced when necessary, and 13 years to hand quilt it! 

I call mine a "Decade with Jane"

Thanks for joining me along memory lane.

If your guild is looking for a speaker/lecturer/trunk show please consider me. My favorite and most popular trunk show:

Reruns- Quilts Inspired by the Past
I have recreated many antique quilts, thankfully using modern technology and full lighting! The little quirks that I find in antique quilts are so charming. I couldn’t possibly bring home every antique that I fall in love with, so I am compelled to recreate my own. Being inspired by the quilters that have stitched before me, I know I will never run out of ideas. Reproducing these gems is the next best thing to owning the originals.

I start with reproduction quilts from 1940's and work my way back through time to 1820's reproduction quilts. 
I've booked my first in person guild meeting for 2022! I'm so excited to get together outside of Zoom! If your guild is using Zoom or another online platform I can present that way as well. 

Thanks for visiting my blog today! Let's make it a wonderful day!

Monday, September 20, 2021

Land That I Love Part 1

We will start by making some half square triangles. 
Using your favorite method make 24 half square triangles that will finish at 1 1/2" 
If you make them a tad oversized, then trim you will be trimming them at 2".

I want my quilt like the antique and the blocks are very scrappy. I opted to make mine one at a time so they would all be different. You can use light/dark or light/mediums or dark/mediums or a little of all!

Funny, I was just looking at my finished quilt and notice an unintended design element! (A humble error!) Haha no surprise here.


Friday, September 17, 2021

Land That I Love 2021 Quiltalong!

This weekend you can prep for the quiltalong! Overall size of the quilt is 25x17 so you won't need a lot of fabric. 

I'm using American flag colors and adding a few little patches of a black print. (I'm copying the antique) I encourage you to use the colors of your country flag!

It is called 

Land That I Love

so make the fabric and colors work for you.

I keep my Americana fabric in it's own tub so it made it easy to pick and choose some scraps.

Just choose some fabrics that you'd like to make your sewalong with. The original vintage quilt is very scrappy. If you want yours a little less "crazY' then choose only a few prints in red/white/tan/ blue. (or YOUR flag colors)

I love my patriotic fabs!
You'll need a little more for your setting squares and sides. This is the blue I used. You'll only need about 1/3yard x WOF. This can be a similar color, different print. 
Make it uniquely yours!

Last week while at the Alpine Lakes Wilderness we did a day hike to this beautiful glacial lake called Colchuck Lake. 

The trail was rough with lots of rocks

And roots!

                                                         Yep! This is the land I love!

Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Monthly Sampler And More

I feel like I've been missing in action in blog land. I'm trying to squeak out as much summer fun as I can while the weather is still great!

After 4 days away in the mountains I arrived home to this lovely parcel of sampler fabrics from Two Thimbles Quilt Shop.

The fabric sampler this month is lovely and not from a specific line of fabric. 
Lee is in a bit of transition closing the brick and mortar store (boohoo!) and waiting for shipments of new fabric. I'm very pleased with the fabric I received.  

This is where we backpacked to last Tuesday. This is Lake Stuart in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness near Leavenworth, Wa. 

Early morning stillness.

Land that I love!

We woke to smoky skies and we ended up hiking out a day early, but this was still so beautiful. 

Friendship and fun!

I hope your week is going good.