Friday, November 15, 2019

Cape Cod Toile

I finished the Cape Cod toile little quilt. Suzette, in Bend, was kind enough to share that center piece with me and this is how I chose to showcase it.
I decided I didn't really want a traditional binding so thought I'd try facing for the first time.  I saw a few different videos and chose THIS ONE to do it.
It looks a bit wobbly but it is very square- just laying on the grass isn't the best choice for a photo. It's been dark and dreary so hard to get decent lighting inside. I used the same fabric as the backing, but fell a few inches short. The other fabric blends pretty good though.
It didn't matter how hard I tried I couldn't get my corners to be square. I would try this again, but likely only with flannel as my batting. And check out my corner square!! (now sort of rectangular)  LOLOL  The usual humble version. 
But, if you don't ever try anything new you'll never learn anything- so, it's only a little quilt. I'll still enjoy it. 

Now that I'm done hand quilting this little one, it's time to bring out Beyond the Cherry Tree for my continued hand quilting. 

I hope your weekend is stupendous and includes some quilting.

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Kovals Antique Quilt Exhibit- Houston

Joe and Mary Koval generously shared an amazing array of antique quilts in Houston! Here's a sampling.

 This was actually one of my favorites. I can't get enough of this setting!!

 If I had to make 14 diamonds meet in the center, I'd never have a quilt!
 It's okay to cut up a toile. Still makes a pretty effective and fun quilt.

 I'm so glad I don't worry about which direction my stripes run!

 As precise looking as this applique is................
The maker added this funky folk art dog? I love it!

Quilts that I could not photograph were an amazing variety from the Poos collection.
 If you love antique quilts, run...don't walk HERE to get this amazing book of rarely seen 
quilts from 1600-1860!!!  WOW!!
Thank you Lori and Kay Triplett for exhibiting the quilts and sharing them in this book!

I hope you are having a fantastic week! Sorry for those of you who are already experiencing snow. I'll try not to whine about our colder temps. 

Love ya!

Monday, November 11, 2019

Another Favorite Houston Exhibit

I came across this lovely indigo exhibit and it really was inspiring! Quilting in Japan has always been so completely perfect and over the top, which I appreciate, but I'm not necessarily inspired by it- thee was something different about these quilts. 
If you haven't heard of many Japanese quilters, let me introduce you to the
 indigo work of Shizuko Kurohah. 

This was one of my favorites. It was so unusual and unique.
She had to have designed it on paper ahead of time to make this amazing design work. I think you can click to zoom more. 

As I browsed the vendors, I came across Shizuko! Hand quilting away with her family working the booth. Anybody know what the booth name was? I bought some hand quilting needles and wish I would have purchased the glove to help with hand fatigue. (I doubt I'll ever hand quilt as much in a day as she does!) She didn't seem to speak a lick of English but was so generous with trying to explain her hand quilting technique. 

And this was her adorable grandson wearing this bright red cowboy hat! And it is true that many Japanese love all things cowboy!! How stinkin' cute is he??
Here is the special exhibit info.

And her book published by Quiltmania. 

On another note: Elsa and I set the alarm early and went out for a hike to catch the sunrise on Friday,. Out weather has been wonderful for November and I'm eeking out every last drop of it before the weather really changes. 

 This is an apple orchard at the trail head. It was an old homestead 120 years ago.
 When I see these old corrals, still in use, it reminds me of the cowboy heritage in Central Oregon

Saturday we went on an easy hike so Porter could join us. . 
 This is the Deschutes River, popular for fishing and floating.
 This is what I look like before wanting a photo! LOL

 Another old homestead. 

An old store with Noah Vibbert on the side. The family named Vibbert still lives in the area.

Thanks for coming along with me today. 

Thank you Veterans and your family  for your service! Much love to you all!

Friday, November 8, 2019

Broderie Perse Exhibit and Almost Amish winner!

First, what is Broderie Perse? 
In French "broderie perse" means Persian embroidery, but it also came to refer to the lovely applique of printed chintz flowers and other motifs onto a solid fabric. These exquisite quilts have been made since the 1700s.
A good explanation of the history of it can be found HERE at

Cynthia Collier proposed to Quilts, inc an exhibit of currently made Broderie Perse quilts from a wide variety of talented women.
They accepted and it was one of the highlights of the International Quilt Fest this month.

Such an elegant block. One of my faves!!

This was just a sampling of the amazing exhibit!! 

And, in case you thought I forgot, I drew a number from everyone who added their Almost Amish quilt to the linky party. 
I have a little of this and a little of that!! Aurora tells the story of a religious community that started in Oregon and now they have a wonderful and active historical society and home of my favorite quilt show in Oregon! I love this book. 
The random number generator chose #7 out of 38 links!! Katy of KatyQuilts is the winner! Please send me your mailing address and I'll get the goodies in the mail.

You all have an amazing weekend!!