Friday, March 27, 2020

Great Plains Quilt AKA Spencer Museum Quilt

The Spencer Museum Quilt is done!

I'm actually calling it the Great Plains Quilt since the blocks are from old quilts documented in Kansas. 

My friend Kathy in Ohio quilted it. Contact  her at this address if you need any quilting done.

That isn't a good photo but you can see it was pieced as usual.

It was really nice to bring a little spring indoors. 

I love the little feathers she added. 

The old quilts that the blocks were designed from are in this book. You can read my post about it HERE. 

Here's a glimpse at my week. 

A quick dog walk in the morning after stepping in poo. 

An encouraging word.

LAST CALL for the quilt swap! I'm sending out names this weekend. 
Get all the news on it HERE. 

Love to you all!

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Pillowcase Dresses

I know many of you are bust sewing masks! I love that! Our local hospital called our business today asking if we had masks- we only had a handful of N95 masks and NO corona virus cases in our county. (thank goodness!) we donated what we could in the hopes that they really won't need them for the virus but for other emergencies.  I commend you all for sewing masks. If you are in Oregon and am not sure where to donate please contact my friend Christy for information. She heard they need them in Salem.
Her email is

If you aren't able to make masks but would like to make pillowcase dresses for my mission trip later this year to Dominican Republic, Joann Maxson of Quilters Coop in WA has donated some awesome fabric  for them! I'll send you fabric if you will sew them. Click on her name to support her business!
I'm a fan of the link for Nancy's Notions.

Please remind those making the dresses that sturdy fabric, well sewn seams and big pockets make these dresses more useful.

Thank you Joann for donating!! These will be darling!

Our part store is considered an essential business and we have been busy. It is crazy! I think people are home deciding to repair their outdoor equipment, clean, paint, fix their cars... etc. When one of our employees has a sniffle we are sending them home, so as much as I'd like to be isolating at home, I've been at work even more than usual!! 

I hope you are all doing well and occupying your time wisely.

Love you all!

Monday, March 23, 2020

Monday! Monday! Bushong Quilt

 I was able to get in my sewing room the day after National Quilting day. Here is month 9. The middle of the last appliqued border.
I'll start getting the center blocks pieced. 1 is pieced, 8 are ready to assemble.

I opted outside on Saturday. 
 Early enough to enjoy the sunrise. 
and the three Sisters.

Made one more stop at a snowed over lake. It was a lot colder at that higher elevation than I had anticipated. Still so good to get some fresh air and clear perspective.

Let's make it a good week!

Friday, March 20, 2020

Short Social Distancing Post

I'm working, I'm keeping my distance. We've made a few policy changes at the business and will do curbside delivery.  Funny, how one day seems fairly busy and the next so slow. Everything seems to change day by day.

I really have not had a chance to sew. I've been trying to get fresh air when I can, playing with the dogs, trying to stay positive. It can be hard.
Elsa in the back

Porter in the front. 
 Look at the amazing blue skies! That is supposed to last through the weekend. 
 Beautiful first day of spring!!

We will get through this!
Love you all.