Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Pillowcases Dresses and More

As I am preparing to go to Uganda I dug deep into the dresses you made for my last mission trip. 
I know I mentioned the schools we went to were so large it was hard to give them out. 

We are working with a Ugandan  nonprofit one of the days. This non profit helps vulnerable women and children. I'll know more about it and be able to share more when I return. I will give them dresses and let them distribute them when needed. These are the 25 dresses I am bringing. Maybe you recognize one you made! 

Isn't this pocket adorable?! Love that stitch!

I've been organizing my fabric! Yay! it will make sewing/quilting/finding fabric so much more efficient. More organizing= less sewing

Hubs and I got away for a quick overnighter backpacking trip. 
He'll be holding down the fort while I'm in Africa

It was really nice but lots of mosquitoes!

I hope you are having a lovely week. 


Friday, June 7, 2024

Fun on a Friday!

Good morning quilt friends!

I've got pieces cut out and ready to assemble the main body of the Lone Cabin quilt. Progress! yay!

I did an early Zoom call to a lovely guild in Richmond VA this week. 

And I am down to 2 weeks and 1 day before leaving for Uganda with Enduring Treasures Ministries. 

If you'd like to know more click HERE

Have an amazing weekend!


Friday, May 31, 2024

Cousin's Walk Bird Sampler Complete!!

I started this sampler in 2019 and completed it this week!
It is huge (102"x116") and brought the stand and quilt to our empty store so I could photograph it. I struggled with the lighting but hope you can click on to enlarge. 

Sharon Tucker, Grass Roots Quilting,  did the machine quilting on it. We had numerous conversations and photos back and forth and she executed perfectly what I wanted!!

I changed the inner block to the compass. It is nice to have your quilt a little different than everyone else's. 

I machine appliqued. 

I am done with huge projects!

Here is the beautiful antique circa 1850

I snapped this photo at Mary Koval's booth when it was for sale. 

Feels great to have that one completed. 

Have an amazing weekend!


Wednesday, May 29, 2024

This, That and The Other

This is not a quilty post, but hopefully you'll enjoy my recent photos and outings. 

Sometimes you have to sew a button! HAHA

May 10th was my first time seeing the Northern Lights! I thought this was all I was going to get. 

And then an hour later I was able to see this! It was so cool!

We took an amzing trip to Tahiti a French Polynesian island. 

The water was incredible!

We took a boat to an island for lunch and snorkeling- so fun. 

This was crazy! The stingray was beautiful.

That purple was coral. It was incredible.

The people were very nice, despite speaking mostly French.  I always asked if I could take a photo and most were happy to oblige me. 

I understand muumuu/mission dress so much better after being in this humid hot environment. 

(For Kanak women, the mission dress is the traditional dress to wear for any occasion! Why “mission”? In fact this dress was introduced by Christian missionaries 

This was an amazing sunset we witnessed while there. 

It was quite an experience and so relaxing. We snorkeled, strolled, swam in the pool and hiked. 

I finally have a quilt finish that I will be sharing on Friday. YAY!

I hope your week is going great.