Friday, April 20, 2018

Friday Fun!

Well, we made it Rain, A Tribute to the Beatles and enjoyed it immensely!
They went through the songs by time and changed their clothing accordingly. 

 I have to admit I am a little young to have been a Beatles groupie, but who doesn't like the Beatles? Considering they were together for a short period of time they made a lasting impact on music and society.
 2017 was the 50th anniversary of the Beatles album Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Heart Club Band. I am pretty sure one of my older siblings had this record. 
They played and sang every song from that album. It was a fun night!

And meanwhile at my house.......

 I had a visitor! My sister, her daughter and Zackary (who I haven't seen since he was a baby) came to visit!
 Are you noticing a "jail" theme here? LOL 
 Obviously I'm hanging out with family and not sewing this week.

He is such a happy toddler!
I had to make a quick jaunt into Fabric Depot and can you believe this is all I came out with??? What is even more astounding is that I could not find one sewing machine needle in my sewing room!
My Instagram feed for the week.

If you'd like to weigh in on the topic of hand quilting, AQS has a short survey, You can find it HERE,

Have a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

More Rain!

Years ago Rain came to Bend and I happened to be out of town so my hubby and son went and loved it! Finally they have come back the Pacific Northwest and we are going! I'll let you know how it was on Friday's blog post.

Sorry if my blog post sounded whiney yesterday, I was a bit bummed, but in the grand scheme of life it is nothing. My heart is full. Thank you all for your kind and encouraging comments. 

Monday, April 16, 2018

Rainy Days and Mondays......

Always get me down....

But I pull myself back up by the bootstraps!

Lots of rain yesterday- I live in the high desert and don't usually get a full day of rain. I grew up in Seattle area and thought I left the wet for good! 

I am scheduled to do a lecture and class on this quilt later this month in Victoria, TX. I was warned that the guild doesn't like to take classes but I do not have anyone signed up :( 
I'll try not to take it personal. 

 Blue Ridge Rendezvous is such a fun class! It is based on an antique and includes the fun 1/2 blocks and this great zig zag setting!  It is called that because I made it when I was with Bonnie Hunter at her first cabin in the Blue Ridge Mtns. 
I've also had 2 guilds say they were interested, then back out when it came time to fit me in their schedule. I really am trying to stay positive about the whole thing. I use the money from the lectures and workshops to finance a good portion of my mission trips, so I guess I'll need to find an alternative plan. 
 I met this lovely lady, Debbie,  in Houston when we both volunteered for the first time in 2016. We were roommates and hit it off instantly. I'll be spending time with her in TX 
and I am really looking forward to that. 
And because I embroidered this date on my Liberty quilt, we'll need to go full speed ahead to finish it this year! The designer of the quilt we are working on, Cheri Payne,  passed away from cancer on Sunday. She was surrounded by her family and she knew she was loved deeply by her family and the quilt community.

Let's make it a great week!


Friday, April 13, 2018

Friday Fun!

Many swap quilts are crisscrossing the USA and the world!

Here is my little swap quilt mailed and received by  Patricia Bargo. 

 It was modeled after this little quilt. My border fabric was a bit dark, but it did grow on me and it felt like an antique quilt. Just a gentle reminder to have your quilt in the mail before May 1st.
I have these 2 containers of various hst, shapes and sizes. I dug through these and trimmed to make the little quilt. I called it Child's Play because it reminded me of a little quilt a child might make to play with her dollies.

I hung this quilt designed by Cheri Payne. It may not feel like spring outside, 
but I can add a little spring inside.

Speaking of Cheri, I received this box of fabric I purchased from her. Unfortunately, because of her cancer she is clearing out her stash. Like other friends, the fabric I use from their sewing room will be a reminder of them when I use it.Thank you Cheri! I love it!

And my instagram feed for this week. (The book, Soldier Girls,  was one I do not recommend!) 

Have a fantastic weekend!

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Fall Festival

Fall Festival, our 2017 Humble Quilts quiltalong, is complete and ready for fall!!!

I asked Sharon to keep the quilting simple, just like the quilt.

I added the wool eye on the turkey after the quilting. After adding sharp star buttons on my Flags quilt I knew I didn't want to do that again. 

Because this was a large quilt, I opted for a wide backing to keep it simple. 
I also found that terrific fall colored fabric in my stash to make the binding. 
So thrilled to have this one complete.

I hope your week is going well.



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