Guild Lectures

I'd love to do a quilt lecture or workshop for your guild!
Here are a few of the lectures I do. I have many quilts so no lecture will ever be the same. Contact me for more information.
Lori DeJarnatt

Reruns- Quilts Inspired by the Past
I have recreated many antique quilts, thankfully using modern technology and full lighting! The little quirks that I find in antique quilts are so charming. I couldn’t possibly bring home every antique that I fall in love with, so I am compelled to recreate my own. Being inspired by the quilters that have stitched before me, I know I will never run out of idea. Reproducing these gems is the next best thing to owning the originals.

Quilts Through the Seasons:
I never thought I’d be making big and small quilts to celebrate each season, but with 20+ years of quiltmaking my home is filled with quilts that reflect each season. This lecture will show you how to look at your quilts as seasonal d├ęcor, giving you a great reason to show off your beautiful quilts. (Or make more!)

Ten Reason I Quilt

Quilters don’t need a reason to quilt, but if we did, here are my top ten! Lots of stories go along with many quilts in this lecture.

Coming in 2020:
It's a Small Quilt After All
Why I make small quilts and my inspiration for them.


  1. Thoroughly enjoyed your inspiring presentation at our guild (West Sound Quilters) earlier this month. Looking forward to following you and learning more! Thank you for all you do...


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