Guild Lectures & Workshops

I'd love to do a quilt lecture or workshop for your guild!
Here are a few of the lectures I do. I have many quilts so no lecture will ever be the same. Contact me for more information and for availability.
Lori DeJarnatt

New for 2021!
Glory Bee! Patriotic Quilts from my Collection
I have loved patriotic quilts and patriotic colorways since I took my first quilt class! I love history as well and these two loves go hand in hand.  I hope my lecture will inspire you to start your own collection of  Americana quilts!

Reruns- Quilts Inspired by the Past
I have recreated many antique quilts, thankfully using modern technology and full lighting! The little quirks that I find in antique quilts are so charming. I couldn’t possibly bring home every antique that I fall in love with, so I am compelled to recreate my own. Being inspired by the quilters that have stitched before me, I know I will never run out of idea. Reproducing these gems is the next best thing to owning the originals.

Quilts Through the Seasons:
I never thought I’d be making big and small quilts to celebrate each season, but with 20+ years of quiltmaking my home is filled with quilts that reflect each season. This lecture will show you how to look at your quilts as seasonal décor, giving you a great reason to show off your beautiful quilts. (Or make more!)

Ten Reason I Quilt
Quilters don’t need a reason to quilt, but if we did, here are my top ten! Lots of stories go along with many quilts in this lecture.

It's a Small Quilt After All: The Allure of Little Quilts
 Ever wonder why people make small quilts? I did too, but I don't ask that question anymore. After this lecture I hope you won't wonder anymore either! I hope you'll learn something from all the small quilts you'll see. These are not mini's with tiny pieces, but regular size blocks in small quilts.

Humble Quilting Adventures: Journey of a Quiltmaker
I'll share my first quilts and my progression through 27 years of quiltmaking. My heart is in traditional quilting and my trunkshow includes a variety of full size quilts and wallhangings. I've got lots of stories to go along with them and love to use humor to engage the audience.


Blue Ridge Rendezvous:
In this workshop we will talk about making a small quilt from a full size antique quilt. Then we will make our own! We will learn how to make this classic zig zag setting and half blocks.

String Quilts Your Way!
String quilts have been made since 1860. Most were foundation pieced for stability and ease of sewing. If you've ever wanted to make a string quilt but didn't know where to start, this class is for you. Each quilt will be unique as you will decide which quilt block or setting to use. A fun and informative class!

New for 2021
Machine Applique Simplified:
If you have many applique quilts on your "to make" list, this method may be for you. 

Have you ever seen a beautiful appliqué quilt and then decided you couldn’t do it because, A) It would take you a lifetime, B) you don’t know how to appliqué? or C) your appliqué is primitive and will only do for primitive style quilts? Over the course of years I’ve said A, B, and C to myself!

 I learned many ways to appliqué but when I started doing raw edge appliqué with fusible I knew I’d get to make all those quilts I didn’t think I could do! And you can too!

 It is always good to find a new technique that you can turn to depending on the quilt you want to make and the time you have or don’t have.

I hope when this class is complete you’ll have the knowledge to make your very own appliqué quilt! 


  1. Thoroughly enjoyed your inspiring presentation at our guild (West Sound Quilters) earlier this month. Looking forward to following you and learning more! Thank you for all you do...

  2. Hi, Lori -

    My guild is celebrating its 25th anniversary next year. As one of the special activities, I am planning to lead a Mystery Quilt with a Twist, which will essentially be a version of the Gwennie Inspired Medallion Round Robin you organized a few years ago. I have a couple of questions about how you did it. Could you please either email me or call me when you have a chance? Thanks so much!
    Gail Newman, Chestertown, MD,, 410.490.7102

  3. I am doing 50 Shades of Brown. I know I saw a picture of the completed quilt but can not find it now. Can someone help me the picture? thank you.

    1. Hi Christina,. I haven't shared a photo of the quilt yet.


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