Monday, August 10, 2009

What's on my Wall and my Floor

This is what's on my design wall this morning. It seems to spanning a large time period doesn't it? The two blocks on the upper left is a group project for a friend who needs some cheer. I don't have a scrap of batiks but I was able to purchase a little packet of FQer's last Friday. I think the colors are a bit muddy and it needs more contrast, but if they are with a group of others I think they will be fine. The blocks are the same pattern just different placement of colors.
Three completed Grandmother's blocks (which you may have seen already) and one lone block I used as a leader/ender on the sister's choice blocks.
You will be seeing Washington again! As soon as I saw that I knew I had to own a piece. Thanks to Pat at Lifes A Stitch. I've got some plans for Mr. Washington, but they are mulling at the moment.

This is what's on my floor. I've been tagged a few times and haven't wanted to just to put a lot of "stuff" out there. Now that I've gotten to know a few of you better I do feel like I want to share a little more of me. This is our 3 year old pound dog. We got him when he was about 8 months old. He's been my walking a and jogging partner for quite a while until last winter. Somehow he got hurt and tore up his rear knees. We only found out for sure last week what the problem was. We really struggled with what to. The bottom line is he is going to have surgery in the morning and the vet's wife has graciously asked us to let her do all his rehab for free. He will belong to her for 6-8 weeks while he needs a lot of care. He used to come and hang out with me in my sewing room all the time but he hasn't been up to climbing the stairs. But he showed up yesterday!!! It was nice hanging out with him while I was sewing.
He's a great fisherman too!!
PS Am hand sewing the binding down on the Irish chain!


  1. I love your quilt blocks, but your pound dog is awesome! My dh and I have adopted a few of those ourselves. We acquired (owned by) 2 gorgeous rotties from New Mexico. They have had "tutoring" in birth control and have adapted well to the family we have. We have 3 of our babies who live in our hearts but are remembered and loved. I love pound dogs. Always will. I love to collect dog and cat food for my birthday for no kill shelters. Unfortunately, we do not have a no kill shelter in our town, but my little car can deliver to the next town! I digress, sorry, keep on quilting! Happy furry mommy, Elaine

  2. I have a Washington print panel also. I have plans for him. Nothing original. I will be using a free pattern from the Baum/Windham website. I have to order some more fabric to go with it as I don't have enough.

  3. Hope your little companion does well with his surgery. I enjoy reading your blog and seeing your lovely work.

  4. Hope your fella does well with his surgery. My Zack, a yellow lab, had both of his knees done about 3 years ago...he had one done then about 6 months later had the other one done. He did great and is better than new again.

  5. Have you ever looked at They have alot of fabric for 4.00/yd and they just posted some of the Lincoln fabric, although that line is 6.00/yd. Sorry about your doggy.


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