Monday, September 14, 2009

Tools of the Trade

On this post I mentioned some of my favorite tools of the trade. This got Kathie and I into a conversation about applique needles. She generously offered to send me a package of
Jeana Kimball straw needles to try. She sent me 2 packages of needles wrapped securely in this gorgeous red floral fabric! I thought the package was a little large for a few needles! Thank you so much Kathie.

Several years ago I took a class with Becky Goldsmith of Piece O' Cake Designs and she brought straw needles for everyone in the class to try. They are long and very slender and it felt really awkward at first. By the time I left class I was "sold" on the use of straw needles for applique. I use them for everything I do by hand except quilting.

Z and S Fabrics was having a sale a couple of weeks ago and I made a small purchase. They had some great new cheddars that I had to have and a few other pieces to put in my stash. If you aren't on their mailing list may I suggest you sign up? You'll be notified of new fabrics and sales. They have a large inventory of reproduction fabric.


  1. I love using Jeana Kimball's needles too. That red fabric is absolutely beautiful!!!

  2. Isn't the red fabric so gorgeous! I've tried the straw needles but I went back to my sharps. I guess we all have our favourites but it's good to try new things in case we find a new favourite.

  3. I love my needles so always happy to share !
    GReat fabrics , the shirtings are wonderful, I never have enough shirtings or cheddars!
    can't wait to see what you use these in!
    ps you need to prewash that red fabric, don't remember if I did or not!


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