Friday, October 2, 2009

Quilt Show- Last One

Here I was again drawn to autumn quilts!

For all the work that went in to this one I think there should have been a bit more contrast. The center yellow star is pretty sweet!

Check out the stockings on the woman. *Too cute!*

There was another quilt made in the same fashion that was an owl. It was mostly done with thread and the back looked very similar to the front. Very striking!

I believe this display was for breast cancer awareness. What a hoot! Or what a hooter!


  1. great quilts
    the first one is so the grandma!
    too funny.
    love those sunflowers though, they always make me smile whenever I see them
    have a great weekend

  2. The quilts are amazing. Thanks so much for sharing the pictures. The applique quilt at the top makes me want to start another applique project!

  3. The batik quilt is a beauty (1st photo). And the older lady in the chair is very interesting. Did the maker use paints as part of the technique?

  4. Thank you Lori for showing all the nice quilts from the NW expo. It was a pleasure to look at.
    And the links to the shops were great too. I was instantly inspired by Galloping Pony!
    Take care.

  5. Lori.. what a wonderful show you gave us.. thank you so much the quilts were just so awesome you were so lucky to be there in person. There were a few fav's there!!

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