Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I've been slowly working on the newest sample for our quiltalong. The quilt I am referring to is in a book with no close up shots. The quilt was made right around 1900.
I believe this block was made around the same period. Reproduction blacks seem to be a little harder to find but I'm loving the black with a tiny bit of red and double pink.

These will be the colors we'll be using. Blue, black, gray, brown, shirtings and of course, double pinks. If all goes well with my sample the setting will be red!!

This is a great book to refer to when looking for a specific time period of fabric.

Here's a little pile of fabrics from around that time period. These pieces were in the Chinese Coin quilt that I took apart. Because the doll quilt won't be handle much or washed much I'm using some of these prints in the quilt.

It won't take much fabric, so dig through your scraps and set a few pieces aside.


  1. Hi Lori -
    I love your new header.
    looking forward to the new quilt along!!
    Hope spring has come your way

  2. I love that block Lori. Is the quilt going to be made of just those blocks with sashings?

    I do not own a copy of that fabric book but have studied it before and it is fantastic. I must get myself a copy if I see it around one day.

  3. Blacks are difficult to find . . . it's always the first thing I look for when I find a new shop.

  4. Hi Lori, Have you seen Jo Morton's new fabric line Ravenwood? It's all reproduction blacks which would be perfect for this project. They are beautiful, but I'm a big Jo Morton fan.

  5. LOVE it! I can't wait. I finished hand-quilting my cheddar and crackers last night. I'll border it tonight.

    Right NOW, I'm going to look for some of those fabrics...I doubt I have even one black, and I LOVE that...
    THANK YOU in advance.
    Lucy (in IN)

  6. wonderful~!!~ now i will have to go and see what i have in my fabric pantry . . .


  7. love the quilt in your header, its one I have always wanted to make
    oh the new block is great, can't wait to see more
    jo morton has a new black line out, wonder if any of those would work

  8. I love the colors you have picked for the new quilt along. I can't wait to see the quilt. Love the new quilt in your header.

  9. This looks like fun. I did not get to make the last one, I am trying to not start too many new projects.

  10. I love the colors for the quilt-a-long. When do we get to see it?? The quilt in your header is marvelous!

  11. I didn't do the last one because I was new to blogging, etc. Looking forward to joining you this time.
    Love the old quilt in the header too.

  12. I love the first block Lori, the colours are gorgeous. I am really enjoying looking at all your antique quilts ~ thank you!

  13. Oh, what fun! Will our new quilt along be crib sized? Great colors, and I love your four patch square in square.
    The new header is fun.

  14. Oh fun, fun, fun!!!!! I LOVE those colors!!!! And your block reminds me I have 2 zip lock bags of blocks similar I found last fall. I was going to put the 2 together into one quilt. They are the same block but different sizes. you would love them.

  15. Oh, exciting, you had me at red, lol. I love the black in the block, it looks like a check from a distance.

  16. Hey Lori - having trouble posting my comment - maybe third time's a charm. Love the new quilt-along colorway and the new title bar quilt! Looking forward to the new doll/crib quilt-along!

  17. I love the pattern of this quilt and the blocks seem as though they are easy enough for a quick assembly. Thanks for sharing.

  18. That is a good choice for the doll quilt. Blacks are hard to find for sure.

  19. I love reproductions. I look forward to seeing your project.

  20. I too love your new header quilt....as well I'm looking forward to the new quilt along, maybe this time I can play.

    Uh oh looks like I'll be adding a new book to my library.


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