Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Few New-to-Me Books & Poison Green

I thought I'd take a few minutes today to share a couple of books I've gotten recently.

I saw this book while helping at the Oregon Documentation Project. It is chock full of old swatch photos and will be great help in reproducing quilts or identifying fabric in quilts. I picked it up at Amazon for a couple of bucks.
Here's another Amazon special with patterns and a few of my favorite quilts too.

This is a library book I'm enjoying immensely. If you've read Quilts on The Oregon Trail it is set up in the same manner.

My friend Randy gifted me with this book. How can book #2 be as good or better as the first book? Because Bonnie is creative, colorful, fun and a whiz at the sewing machine!! I would expect nothing less from Bonnie Hunter.

I picked up this terrific historical quilt book at a thrift store for a couple of bucks. It smells a little musty but once I opened it I was only enjoying the quilts and didn't notice the smell.

I'm always on the lookout for quilting patterns. This was a $1 thrift store find.

I can't say that I love the quilt on the cover but for a $1 it is chock full of applique patterns. Sometimes I just need a certain shape or am looking for some type of flower or bird- this book is perfect for that.

Do you ladies mind keeping an eye out for this fabric? I picked up a FQer somewhere and would like a couple of yards. I'm not desperate, but it would be perfect for a new project I am hoping to start this year. I found it online at ONE (and only one) place but am not willing to pay $14 for one yard or $24 for 2 yards. (this was with shipping but my daddy always told me that money doesn't grow on trees!)
Have a terrific day!!


  1. Great collection of books, I would love to buy Ch. Meunier & Bonnie's books. I already have and love the first one...
    I posted my finished Strawberry Fields on my blog, thanks for this beautiful pattern.

  2. Gee, Lori, it's a good thing you don't live in Canada where most fabric retails for $17.98 a meter (a meter is equivalent to 39"). $14 is a bargain, especially if that includes shipping.

    Put the kettle on. I'm coming over to peruse your new books with you...don't I wish. *wink*

  3. Lori,

    Check here:

    It looks like the webpage of the designer of the fabric. Most of the line is sold out, but the poison green is still available.

  4. Those books like a real treat! have fun reading!

  5. Lori, that's a great haul! Lovely books, I'd have bought all of them too, especially at those prices. I'll keep an eye out for your fabric online. Shops here (the Netherlands) won't be much help in this case: fabric prices here are 14 Euros/$16.50 a meter and up, not including shipping.

  6. Hi I have that green fabric - how much do you want?

  7. Amy, you are on no-reply so I thought I'd reply here to your comment. Hoopla is the one who wants to charge me 5.50 to send me ONE yard of fabric. Personally I think it's bad business to make money on shipping.

  8. Wonderful assortment of books, Lori.

    Happy Birthday to you!!! :-)

  9. When someone in Australia told me they pay about $17 per metre for fabric, I really thought the exchange rate must be the culprit, but 10 US equals only about 11 Aus and Canadian isn't much different. How do they afford fabric? Go without food? I agree about the shipping charges. Hope you can get the fabric from Barb. The books look excellent!

  10. Wow - you have a lot of marvelous inspiration and reading material there!!

  11. Those look like some great books. I'll have to look them up myself. As librarian of our guild, I'm always looking for good books.

  12. Wow, what a wonderful selection of books you have there!!!

    Sorry I can't help you with the fabric.

  13. Lori, I've looked through my green box and do not have that particular one. Have you checked the Mary Jo's of Gastonia web site?

    Would you please list the manufacturer, title, and SKU # listed on the selvedge and I'll look for it when I go to Mary Jo's this weekend.

  14. I can't help with the fabric sorry. The books are a find!

  15. well Lori you did pretty well with the book buys~!~

    i'm sure that i don't have this one but hope that you locate what you need. looks like you have an option or two . . .


  16. Lori, would you be able to tell me about the quilt on the cover of "Quilts in America"? It looks like "Phebe", a quilt I am currently working on. I am very interested to see if this was also based on a Cross Stitch that my Phebe was based on.

    Love all your book purchases and I won't bother looking for the green fabric here, our fabric retails for around $22 per metre!

  17. Looks like you found some great books, and will have many happy hours reading them. I have a tiny piece of the green fabric, and would love to find some more too. Hope you find a couple of yards for your project! Can't wait to see it.

  18. I just picked Bonnie's book at my LQS the other day and I agreed with you, she has such a wonderful sense of color coordinate.

    I also have this green fabric. Just like Amy said above, email Hoopla, she may have more.

  19. Wonderful quilts and books! Thanks for sharing---

  20. I'll bet Manny Kopp was a relative of mine! My maiden name is Kopp....weird!

    I have several of these books and I want the rest of them.

    I hope you've found your fabric by now.

  21. I've been scouring the stash for the Poison Green you desire... but as much stash as I have.. no can do :( If I had some, you know I'd share it!

    I do have a few pieces of other greens, you HAVE to have that one?

  22. Check out the books! I need me some books you know. Did you know that? I do. I save my money and think to buy a book or two but can never decide. Indecisive. Hmmm... Is that a trait of mine? Shhh. if it is. Let's not tell.


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