Saturday, November 20, 2010

This and That and Pattern Winner

 This past week I've been able to get the pieces cut for the applique on the Soot and Ashes quilt designed by Cheri. Some are machine appliqued, some are pinned and ready to go. The buttonhole stitch on my machine should make this fairly easy to finish up.
 Block 4 and 5 (close to being finished) of Beyond the Cherry Tree.
 I've been preoccupied with my wonderful talented niece. She's number #1 with her friend and teammate. Volleyball is now over and she was named Co Player of the Year for the Tri Valley League. She is quite the "killer"!!

This was taken at homecoming with her brother who came home from college to watch. I've been immersed into SAT prep and scholarship papers. We are getting together 3x a week to study and hopefully get lots of college money!!!

I know for many of you it is almost afternoon. I am running in the Jingle Bell run/ walk with my son next month and had to get my Saturday run in while I was motivated.

OK, thank you to all who entered. I couldn't find the time to email you all so just know I appreciate everybody's visit to my humble blog.
Thanks Karen for the patterns. I can't wait to get the quilting done on the Land of the Free quilt.

Drum roll................... The winner of the 12 Land of the Free patterns by Piece O Cake designs is............

BETH- from My creations. Beth is multi talented and does wonderful sticheries, cross stitch, needlepunch and quilting!! Congratulations Beth!!


  1. Congratulations Beth!
    Sweet of you to help with the studies and great photos of your niece!

  2. Your Soot and Ashes is looking so pretty!!!

  3. Love your Soot and Ashes with the hint of blue! Will you tea dye it after you are done? Your niece is precious and good luck on your run!

  4. Lori, your blocks are gorgeous! I just love them!

  5. I love the way your BtCT is coming! I finally did get mine started but time for block 1 is getting mixed in with another pieced quilt. That top is finished so now I just have to decide if I want to hand or machine quilt it and get it done.

    Congratulations to your niece!

  6. Congratulations to Beth!
    I love your applique, I am such a dunce and lazy, so I get too frustrated trying to place and sew small pieces, nicely. Is that cording that you used for the stem? Good idea, I need to see what things jo anns has and maybe things for stems.


  7. Be still my heart! Your Soot and Ashes blocks are gorgeous with the bit of blue and your personal touches.
    Congrat's to your niece. Beautiful smile! I miss volleyball so much--our daughters were a couple of "killers" too.

  8. First thank you for the give away!! I am really excited about the pattern. (And thanks for your kind words as well).
    Your Soot and Ashes is beautiful.

  9. Oh, the touches of blue with the black and white are really eye-catching! As are the applique blocks the red one is stunning. I just kept looking at it. Congratulations to your niece,the athlete!

  10. What fun to study up for the SAT's as a team. Here's hoping that tons of $$$$ come your way for necessary expenses.
    Love your Soot and Ashes!

  11. Your soot and ashes is wonderful! Good luck with the SAT does make such a difference!

  12. Congratulations to Beth!! Just wonderful that she has that pattern to enjoy...maybe she will pass it on too!

  13. your soot and ashes and applique blocks!!

  14. Your Beyond the Cherry Tree blocks are oh so good. You are going to have a beautiful quilt. Are you doing hand applique on them?

  15. You niece is gorgeous! Look at her smile!

  16. Your applique is simply wonderful!

    And your niece is so talented and pretty. Many congrats to her!

  17. Your Soot & Ashes looks really good. At last I've chickened out from the applique and only added one applique block.

    Your appliques are fabulous!

  18. Lori, I love the Soot and Ashes! I had not heard of that pattern before, but I love the colors on it. Oh dear, not another one!

  19. I am really liking your Soot and Ashes quilt...very nice!

    Your niece is gorgeous! Good luck with the SAT prep!

    Those Beyond the Cherry Tree's blocks are Sweet! I love them...

  20. Three cheers for Soot and Ashes and your wonderful talented niece, too! Yippie for killer!!!

    The Jingle Bell run-walk with my son sounds like a real fun thing to do. You are also killer!!!

    ...and congrats to Beth.

  21. Oh your soot and ashes is wonderful! I didn't do it because I'm so far behind on things I just couldn't add one more thing to my list.

  22. I love the way the soot and ashes turned out!
    Your Beyond the Cherry Trees blocks look wonderful too! :)

  23. You got a lot done this week. That Soot & Ashes design is to look that one up.

    Congratulations to Beth for winning the patterns! I feel like I won too though -- I've wanted an eagle pattern like the one in this series and when I went to the POC website they had this pattern available as a download (no mail, no waiting!) so I was still able to get it and another of the designs I can immediately use.

    Thanks for bringing the LOF quilt to my attention!

  24. wow - you are so busy with such fun stuff. i've had a flu, so feel like a wanker - love your S&A blocks and the new applique blocks.
    Your niece and nephew look so nice - how proud you must be with them.
    Hanna just finished her 6 college apps. thank goodness that is over :O

  25. Me gusta mucho "soot and Ashes, me parece bonito incluso el titulo de la colcha. Y el apliqué, me entusiama, aunque a mí no me queda demasiado bien. Enhorabuena !


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