Friday, August 5, 2011

Vintage Quilt Finds & Book Winner

Here is one of the quilt tops I bought from Laurie. It is small and may have been a part of a larger top. I love the fabric and it has so much character.

Here's a close up of the terrific fabric. Other then dirty the hand piecing is pretty good and I plan on keeping this one together and hand quilting it.

This is a great print!

See the repair? There is several of them throughout the top and there are a few holes that I will repair in the same manner.

Here's a piece of vintage fabric I purchased.
I never pass up anything Danish. Nebo cigarette anyone?
Is this the best?! A few days after our Tree to Tree adventure I realized I had lost my necklace that I purchased from Pam. So I ordered a new one- I loved it and couldn't imagine NOT having my lovely necklace. I told her what mine had been and told her that I'm sure I'd love whatever she wanted to make me. This is what she did!!
And she added the charms that I had on my old one, but added my initial. If you are looking for a lovely and personal necklace for yourself or someone else please consider purchasing from Pam. 
1stitchoff is where you can find them at Etsy.

More vintage tops to show you later!!

Before I forget, Quilter Kathy wrote:
I would love to win this looks like something right up my creative alley! I want to try those ice cream cones!
You are the winner of "Out of the Box with Easy Blocks" Thanks Mary Lou for hosting and everyone that entered. Look for the book at your local quilt store and if you have taken a class from Mary Lou I'd love to see your quilt.

Check out Kathy's blog. She creates lovely quilts and so many of them!! Kathy, please send me your address and I'll get the book in the mail.


  1. Great purchases, Lori. I love the feel of that vintage top. Will you use the fabric you purchased to repair it or do you have other ideas?
    Congrats to Kathy! Looks like a fun book.

  2. Beautiful quilt top.....and the 'fix' has character! Your new necklace is fabulous!

  3. Very cool old top! Love the fabrics.
    Denmark is the origin of my FIL's family as well.
    What a neat necklace. Really fun!

  4. I love the fabrics in that vintage quilt.

    Your necklace is lovely. It is just perfect.

  5. Your quilt top certainly is full of character. I love how women put together whatever they had to work with. We would be too worried over color, value, and balance.

  6. Great old quilt! Love those cozy old fabrics....

  7. What a great quilt. And I love that you will repair it the same way and then hand quilt. Enjoy

  8. That's a great quilt find! I love the fabrics. Do you know how old it is?

  9. Great vintage find - it will have a wonderful life with you *s*

  10. Your new old quilt is dark and mysterious - love the repair too!

    How will you quilt it - baptist fans? or something else??

  11. SCORE on the quilt top!! I am so happy that you are going to restore it and hand quilt and make it sing again!! Such a sweet find!! Also love your necklace!! One of a kind!

  12. Beautiful Quilt Lori! And I am so tickled you liked your necklace *Smiles* I loved making it for you! Pam

  13. Thanks so much! I am so excited and can't wait to dive into this book!
    What a beautiful necklace...thanks for the link!

  14. Love you quilt top - I think the patching is marvelous. What fun! the fabrics are fabulous. Looking forward to your other finds!!

  15. I love the fabric in your quilt top. They look like they date back to the 1860's. Great find. Hugs

  16. What a great find!
    Doesn't it give such satisfaction to rescue someone's quilt top from long ago. I find myself wondering what their life was like, what kept them from finishing the piece?
    Thanks for sharing!
    Kat in OH

  17. What a beautiful quilt, love the look of old quilts.
    Looks like you had a great day.


  18. What a wonderful piece of history! How nice too that this vintage quilt will get a new lease on life and be made to feel special again!!!! I love your quilter's necklace, I visited her site, there are some lovely pieces there for sure!!!

  19. Just love you vintage quilt top, lovely fabrics. Thanks for sharing it with us!

  20. I love that vintage fabric!

    What a lovely necklace. Thank you for the link.

  21. Can you ever get enough of looking at old quilts? Rhetorical question, I know.
    Love your new necklace!

  22. I can't relate to my quilting friends who have absolutely no interest at all in vintage fabrics. Those beauties from the past have character, uniqueness, history. Just looking at your photos makes me smile.
    Lovely necklace. It's so personal.

  23. You've really got an eye for these vintage quilt tops. You wonder how come the quilter did not finish it?

    It's got a nice darkish tone to it. I'm sure the repairs will be done in a jiffy! It'll look great after your hand quilting that I'm certain. Big stitch? :)

  24. What a terrific find! Love those fabrics.

  25. The fabrics are really interesting in the top. Do you have an approximate dat it was made?
    Love the personalised necklace too.

  26. What a neat old top! and I love that piece of vintage fabric!

  27. What a neat old top! and I love that piece of vintage fabric!

  28. great quilt - with great fabrics.
    I love your charm necklace!
    The Danish cig silk is great - We had Danes on our cruise, it was fun to hear them talking in Danish at dinner.

  29. Sweet vintage quilt. Love the colors.
    Your necklace is so cute. I am going over to Etsy in a bit.
    Congrats to Kathy....enjoy the book.

  30. What great finds Lori! I never get tired of looking at old fabrics. I may have to order a necklace, as yours is just darling.

  31. Hey Lori, love that vintage quilt. And you always amaze me at how you have the time to fit in a walk up the mountains along with all your quilting. Not to mention work. You go girl!


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