Friday, September 9, 2011

Consolation Prizes

Pretty terrific for consolation prizes!

This little quilt was sent to me by Christine for supporting her son-in-law in raising money for Bridge to Brisbane.  It is perfect and I've been enjoying it on my coffee table. Thank you Christine.
This was a consolation prize from Paulette's friend Claire (no blog...yet) Aren't these hand dyed wools gorgeous?! A few of the reds came off the bolt because she said she wasn't too happy with her dye job. They are all lovely. Thank you Claire!!!

I think I made it through my huge stack of paperwork. Time to get the sewing room organized since I dropped everything in there after the cruise. I'm itching to get sewing again!!


  1. What wonderful friends. The quilt is so nice. The wools so pretty. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Once I won second place in a contest and I was thrilled, had prizes I really wanted, lol. Great quilt and wool to have fun with.


  3. Who needs first prize with a consolation prize like that?

  4. Glad you liked the wool!! Isn't Claire the greatest and always so modest! Love the little quilt too!! Lucky YOU!
    Take care!

  5. Number 2 and that ain't bad! I like that little quilt.

  6. Gone on a great vacation and come home to these treasures!? You must be living right!

  7. enjoy
    and than you again for your support, the run is this weekend

  8. Lucky Lori - hope to see some sewing soon!

  9. The quilt is so adorable. Love the wools too. The wools really made me drool.
    Glad all that paparework is done and you can get back to the sewing.
    Happy stitching.

  10. What wonderful lovelies! I hope you're scratchin' that itch.

  11. I really love the little quilt. It is so cute. Lucky you. Glad you got all your paperwork done. See you were headed out for a run this morning. Have fun. Hugs

  12. cute little quilt! How sweet of Christine!


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