Monday, January 30, 2012

Jubilee- Medallion

Love the response I got to joining on a Jubilee Quilt. If you are past 50 and still want to do it, why not? You were 50 once, right? If you aren't quite 50 this year maybe your quilt will take longer to make so feel free to jump in as well.

I have many others who were born in 1962 and want to make a Jubilee Quilt to celebrate this milestone.

I'm thrilled!!
Regan was jumping around on what quilt should be her Jubilee quilt. It is funny because as soon as she thought of it, she knew that was the one. I also loved this in her post:
Are you turning 50 this year? Want to join in!?! Come on! It'll be great to have a quilt that you made just for you....just what you really you can look at it and say, "That's all about me me....YAY, me at 50!" lol

I wish I could be as certain as she is about what quilt to make. I have a photo of a block that I will attempt to enlarge and make into a medallion quilt. I don't even know if I am capable of figuring it out as it is a bit of paper piecing and a bit of applique.
Once I get the center done then I'll be more then happy to share the process and the block. I'm no designer either, so I may need a bit of help.
I found some beautiful varieties of medallion quilts online. I'm going for a bit of the prim chunky look. (Hey, that's a little like me- hahaha)

What a beautiful broderie purse applique center.
Super tiny and intricate center - check out the date 1808!! Holy moley!
For sale on ebay for a cool $16,000, that's all....Stunning and the blue color on these older quilts is amazing!!

This is a super fun kind of prim chunky quilt that mine may be leaning towards.

If you are going to join us on the Jubilee Quilt journey then the first step is to pick you quilt. I'd love to know what you all will be making so if you have a blog, make a post about it and send me a link!! Or leave it in the comments.

Wednesday I'll be back to have a Pink Lemonade linky party!! So go take a photo!! This is going to be fun! Your quilt does not have to be completed!

PS, If you left a comment about being involved in making a Jubilee Quilt and I have not emailed you back, just join in the fun! Send me a regular email as some of you are on no-reply.


  1. I love the quilts you've posted here. This is going to be a wonderful project to watch develop! I can't imagine prim or chunky as words to describe you :0)

  2. What a great plan! I, however, am turning 60 this year.
    Can I still join in on the fun?

  3. Oh my, I love the Centennial quilt, my kind of quilt. I'm past 60, but have a "my quilt" to make this year, the original Bible Pictorial quilt from Harriet Powers.

  4. wow this would be a hard choice lots of beautiful quilts.
    can't wait to see which one you decide.
    Yes the last quilt says Lori to me!

  5. I smiled at this post. I've been thinking about making a medallion quilt and have almost settled on a feathered star as the center. Beyond that I plan to just wing it! I know I want some hexagons and 8 pointed stars and a other favorite blocks and borders. I expect it to take a while so little matter that I'll probably be 51 when I get started. Like your attitude about just doing it!

  6. Love the idea of a jubilee quilt. I'll be there in September. It's a big deal to me. I want to celebrate health, love, happiness, and creativity. A quilt, my quilt, would be a wonderful way to mark this special year.

  7. this is going to be a tough choice Lori~! these are all wonderful old pieces to be working from . . .

    okay, i can see from the choices you will have to make that it may take me quite a while just to do that . . . so i'm in even though i won't be 50 for a while. i'm going to start mulling over my own choices.


  8. I love the Centennial quilt and could totally see you doing something like it! I can't wait to see what you come up with, I'm sure it will be stunning...I still have 3 years until my Jubilee, maybe by then I will have some UFO's finished so I can start one of my own!

  9. Oh that is cool! I love those sweet little stars..but the last one talks to me! I saw 50 awhile ago..yikes!

  10. What wonderful medallion quilts you featured!!! I love their traditional look and the fact you can put anything in the centre be it pieced, applique or a toile!
    I did design one a few years ago on EQ, but it remains a reality only in my mind LOL!! Maybe I should take another look at it!!! It's going to be an exciting project to follow you on!!!

  11. I will enjoy watching the progress of the jubilee quilts for you youngsters who are turning 50 this year! : )
    Okay, I'm only turning 55, but I don't dare sign up for any more projects until a few of my current ones get finished--who knows if that will be this year or not.

  12. Lori, we have the tall vase Broderie purse center at my work for sale at if you are interested. Thanks for sharing the pictures fun.

  13. I just posted that first medallion quilt on Pinterest, but I think your photo is better. It is wonderful! As are the rest of them. What a challenge you have taken on!

  14. Hum...something very tempting...2 years too many..but...:)

  15. I saved the picture of the Centennial quilt in a computer file quite some time ago. I love the look and thought it would be a style of repro quilt I would like to make.

    I made "my" quilt quite some time ago. It has many things on it that represent what I have interest in. Someone wanted to purchase it but I couldn't do that. My husband said it would be like selling one of the family.

  16. What wonderful quilts...each and every one of them. I won't be joining this one...I still have a few years before I need to make my own Jubilee. But, you will be happy to know that my Pink Lemonade is scattered throughout my sewing room. That's right...I caved!

  17. Cannot wait to see what you put together! I will make my jubilation quilt next year when I turn 60.

  18. Wonderful quilts, I love your Jubilation Quilt celebration. Life is something to celebrate and expressing it through quilting is a perfect plan.

  19. What wonderful quilts I love them.
    I have two to make for weddings so I am going to be very busy. But after that I am going to make a me quilt. I have a pattern already in my head. Thanks for sharing

  20. You know I really thought you were my friend! If you keep showing all these beautiful quilts I might just have to start something new and really I am trying to be very good and finish some things, really I am.... Now I wait very patiently to see what you come up with and see if I give in...

  21. When I read Regans post I was wishing I could be 50. I've got a couple of years to think about which quilt I would do. I like your description of prim and chunky, I look forward to seeing what you choose.

  22. Unfortunately, 50 is just a speck in my rearview mirror, but I'll enjoy watching what all you young 'uns decide to make.
    I love the concept of making a ME QUILT. Over the years we find ourselves drawn to specific eras, specific styles, specific colors. We've been drawing a "me quilt" in our mind for as long as we've been quilting. I'll enjoy seeing what each of yours look like.

  23. I love the idea of a jubilee quilt. I am looking forward to seeing what quilts everyone picks.
    (I have a bit much on my plate at the moment to join I passed 50 a few years ago!)

  24. Gah! The Broderie Perse is uh-may-zing!!!

  25. Well, I missed the 50 boat a couple of years back, but I LOVE this idea . . . . maybe I'll wait for 55. Sounds like a fun journey!

  26. I loved this quilt, it's very beautifull. Thanks you


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