Thursday, May 3, 2012

Prim Quilts

Hi friends! I just wanted to do a quick post and let you know that if you order a subscription to this magazine and mention my name in the comment section you'll get an extra issue!!
What are you waiting for???? Click below.

Primitive Quilts and Projects

PS Will be back tomorrow to show you both cowboy quilt tops!!! Finally....


  1. Very cool deal, Lori. Wish I could do it--I used to subscribe to sooo many magazines. After accumulating boxes and boxes of them that were gathering dust, I finally committed to NOT subscribe--just buy the ones I really can't live without from the newsstand. Unfortunately, I can't find a local carrier of this mag. A kind friend is sending me a copy of your issue, though. I am excited for that!

  2. that is a great deal and let me take the opportunity to once again congratulate you on your having been published in this fun publication. your little doll quilts are awesome and i wasn't able to do the cheddar cheese and crackers quilt-a-long so i'm thrilled to have it at my fingertips to do when my schedule opens up a bit.

    btw: is it too soon to start shouting for an ENCORE from you~!?


  3. Whoohoo! I just subscribed! :-) Thank you!!

  4. Wish I'd have known that before I signed up for the magazine. And can't wait to see the nephews' quilts!

  5. Well, I bought the magazine just to have that pattern again!! I bragged about it at the quilt shop...they are all going to meet and make your quilt!! I am so happy for you...published!!

  6. I did it, I just subscribed Just the incentive I needed. I have been picking up my copies at Barnes and Noble.

  7. I, too, have already subscribed! Ratz! :O(
    Congratulations on being published...

  8. I have already subscribed some time ago, after I purchased the first 4 singlely. When is the next one due out? I have a feeling the 5th magazine should be soon!!!!

  9. I was so excited to find this issue at JoAnn's today! I glanced through and had to buy it as soon as I realized it was the issue with your pattern in it, but what a great magazine besides! I have given up all of my quilting magazine subscriptions, but I think I'm going to have to subscribe to this one!


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