Friday, June 8, 2012


"Windows" winging it's way to AAQI headquarters to be assigned. I'll be sure to let you know when it's up for sale.
Kathie has graciously sent me these wonderful little quilts to finish and send into AAQI. I'm getting caught back up after vacation and finally have them basted. Sweet aren't they?!Thanks Kathie!!

So, it has been an interesting 12 days since returning from vacation. My brother had volunteered to be the one to tell me mom she was moving, but anytime he hinted at it she was adamant that she was not ever moving. She went as far as to say she would sit in her chair and never leave it! lol

She wasn't that way when I talked to her (we think she was being extra nice because I had been on vacation and she missed me) so I ended up being the one to tell her. I picked her up the next morning for a tour and a full day of drs appointments and intake interviews.  Last week was hard. She didn't take the news well, but lovingly we kept moving forward and by the weekend she was ready.
Wednesday evening I was telling her that they would come and clean her apartment once a week and do her laundry and her response was , "That's included in the rent?"
I wish I could get Wells Fargo to include that in my mortgage payment! lol

Moving day is TODAY! I'm looking forward to seeing her in a safer, healthier and more social environment. I hope all goes well.

Have a wonderful weekend.

 PS from Ami

This blog post will go out at 1am eastern time on June 6th. Feel free to scoop me and send this information (word for word if you like) out right away. Daniel J. Andoni, a local attorney here in Flint, Michigan, pledges 3% of his net profits to a local charity each month. Instead of deciding which deserving nonprofit gets his donation, he uses crowd sourcing: visitors to his website cast their vote for one of five charities. The one with the most votes at the end of the month wins the donation.
The Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative is one of the charities listed for the month of June! We are off to a fabulous start, but it's the charity with the most votes at the END of the month that counts. To pull this off, we need to keep growing the numbers. Every vote counts.

PPS from Ami
June auction is going on once bid many times!! 


  1. I hope everything goes well with your mom's move! It has to be a much better and happier situation for her. And a load off your mind!

    Thinking of you girl! Can't wait to see you in Vermont!


  2. Your quilt is really cute! And Kathie's are wonderful as well. I'm glad your Mom is ready for the move and really hope she will be happy there.

  3. Sweet little quilt and Yea Kathie...I remember all of those little quilts on her blog. I will definately be thinking of you during this move, it can be a very surreal experience. Hopefully she will be very content in her new home.

  4. How generous of Kathie to donate the minis to AAQI. It has to a traumatic change for your mother but hopefully she will meet new friends and feel comfortable in her new surroundings.

  5. I'm so happy to hear the move is going smoothly. Now can you come down and do something about the neighbors, we are having to move because it is so bad here. Hows the neighborhood up by you? Have a good day, hope the move continues on a up beat note!!!

  6. Great little quilts for the auction. I'll keep my eyes out for them. Hope all goes well with Mom's move today and that she settles in quickly.

  7. That must be a huge relief for you to have your Mom informed (even if you had to do it) and be in the process of making the move a reality. It will be good for all of you to have her where she will be cared for and you don't have that worry on your mind.
    Generous gesture on Kathie's part. I've been wanting to make a little quilt for AAQI--now I know where to get it quilted and bound! *LOL*

  8. I hope the moving goes well. And I hope your mother makes friends quickly at her new place.
    Those little quilts look like Kathie's work. And they will help get you to your goal for a worthy cause. Is there a time frame on your goal?

  9. Things have a way of working out, and I am so glad to hear that you have made it this far down this difficult path. Thanks for sharing along the the quilts! Have a good weekend and I'll be cheering for your family from Chico. xo

  10. Good luck with your Mom! I feel for you and wish you the best!
    Take care!

  11. I'll be thinking of you today. I had to move my parent over a year ago, and it is really the best thing, but still emotional.

  12. Good luck with your mom, Lori. Sometimes a daughter can have a softer, more persuasive discussion! Hope everything goes well and that she is happy in her new home.

  13. Even though it's the best thing for you both it's going to be a tough time. It's the thought that it's an end of and era with no turning back.

    Thinking of you lots today.

  14. Lori, There will probably be times when your Mom is angry with you about the move and times when she asks to go home, but hang in there knowing it is the right decision for her safety and health. She will get used to her new home.

  15. oh Lori I will be thinking of you , hope the day goes smoothly and Mom is settled in before you know it.
    change is always hard no matter what age....
    sounds like her new home will be perfect for her and YOU!

  16. i hope that you're doing okay Lori.
    a very difficult day, i'm sure.

    your windows quilt is fun and how fun for you and Kathie to collaborate on the other three~! all four are going to be a great addition to AAQI's offerings.


  17. I hope the move goes well, Lori! She is lucky to have such an understanding daughter, with her best interests at heart. Change
    is never easy, but a housekeeper perk might help!

  18. Love the little quilts.....they are all so sweet! And I am really hoping for a smooth transition for your Mom. And some peace of mind for you! Hang in there!

  19. great quilts for the auction! Love the binding on yours and the theme, windows.
    good luck with Mom - I know you'll feel better once she is in and settled.

  20. You are a great supporter of the AAQI... They are all fabulous little quilts. And your mom will ultimately be so much happier in the Assisted Living place. It will be good for all of you.

  21. The idea of home is very powerful; so is change of any kind. Transitions — thereʻs a resonance to that concept! A tough time for you and Mom: will keep you in my prayers. AAQI will cheer when they receive your "Windowsʻ . And when Kathieʻs charming tops are done, sent.

  22. All 4 little quilts are lovely! I'm glad for you that progress is being made with your Mom's living situation. I hope the transition goes well.

  23. We all worried when Mom had to make the transition to Assisted living. What none of us expected was how freeing it became for her! None of realized how isolated she had become. She flourished (took a little while tho.). She found new purpose as an advocate for those too retiring or shy to ask for what they needed. She also started a little reading group that met on Saturdays. They occasionally had teas... She crafted a wonderful life there. Best wishes to you all.

  24. The quilts are gorgeous. When I saw Windows, I just wanted it. Think: Andrea Balosky's "Rudy Giuliani" quilt. My heart started racing when I saw this red window.


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