Monday, June 25, 2012

A Little Porch Time Part 2

Here is my second part of A Little Porch Time, designed by Primitive Pieces by Lynda. If you didn't have your house block done then please add a link to that block too.

If you don't have a blog an want to share your block email me a photo and I'll add it to the link.

Below are the next blocks we are making.
The first one is the bee skep with bird. We will need to be piecing this section together so we'll be ready to add the water can and flowers. Be sure not to center the bee skep.
Simple basket and star flowers.
And one little 9 patch.

I think these blocks will work up fairly easy.  Enjoy!

I'm leaving early in the morning for my east coast adventure! I'm looking forward to renewing friendships and seeing eye dazzling quilts at Vermont QuiltFest!! I've got a few post ready to roll. Don't worry if you have sent a birthday block- hubby is holding down the fort and will be checking the mail. I'll be back 3 days then picking up my friend Gabe for the "Adventures of Sisters Quilt show!"


  1. Love the blocks!

    Have fun on your adventure. Can't wait to hear all about it. And, then Sisters - woohoo!

  2. I love them too!
    I am on vacation soon and I plan to catch up. You are inspiring me.

  3. Really love this quilt so far. I have done quite a few naive quilts and have several Brannock and Patek et al books.

  4. Love this quilt too...I need to buy the book!! And more homespuns...sigh....

  5. Loving those blocks! Happy Trails you lucky Gal!!! xo

  6. I love how the blocks look, beautiful quilt.
    Have fun in Vermont, wish I was able to get up there, would love to go.


  7. Love the flowers! Have a great time in Vermont!!

  8. I am loving these blocks. The homespuns are awesome!!!!! Have fun!!

  9. Vermont?? You get to go to Vermont? Take lots of pictures and have a great time - Vermont, awesome.

  10. Cute blocks! I've enjoyed watching your group's progress!! Have fun!


  11. Beautiful blocks--I could probably handle making the 9-patch.
    Have a grand adventure! Wish I was going in your suitcase. Vermont is so much closer to my daughter's new home in New Hampshire than Utah is. Oh, and the quilty stuff would be great, too. : )

  12. Okay okay. I'm going to do it... Will need to catch up though. So slow down, would ya?? They are looking beautiful. Have a great trip!

  13. Yeah - I made it on time! Have a great trip.

  14. Ooh, ooh, ooh! Have fun away - looking forward to hearing all about it. Cute block!

  15. The blocks are coming along. And you do primitive so well!

  16. have been seeing these 'porch time' blocks all around the internet and they are all so very cute~!!!~

    enjoy your trips/quilt shows Lori.


  17. Very cute! Looking forward to seeing the beeskep block.

  18. love those sunflowers! great fabrics, plaids just make me happy.
    have fun in Vermont!

  19. Love your sunflowers! Have great time in Vermont! And then Sisters to follow! Woo-hoo!!

  20. ooh great blocks - looks like fun!

  21. LOve everyone's ''zinnias''!

    I m probably being a bit overly cautious for a prim quilt, but on the basket flower block we are doing for July, I want to point out that the diagram and measurements of the backgrounds do not line up the same as on the finished quilt [look along the bottom seam of the adjacent House block?] on this block, and others, I am adding extra inches and leaving myself a reminder...I d rather trim later than come up short! ...

    have fun on your adventures, Lori!


  22. Looking so very cute. You do such great work. Keep stitching.


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