Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Catching Up- Just Takes Two

Now that I am posting the photos I've lost track of which week this was.  I do know I finished up two machine  applique blocks while sewing at Eagle Crest this week.
I forgot to bring the extra blocks to put together the 2nd quarter's blocks, but I got them together today.
These are the blocks that were  left over.
Here is mid-July's blocks. The lower right section was my attempt to piece one of them, but instead I'm throwing that out and adding the upper right block. Done! Now I can move on to my next sewing project.


  1. Well done for keeping up to date, your blocks look wonderful. I need to get a move on .

  2. those two color blocks are really striking - well done

  3. Looking good, but I am still drooling over the antique quilts you shared from Sisters!

  4. I love that block in the corner with the checkerboard border around it. Quilt is going to be amazing....

  5. Wow! This quilt is going to be amazing!!

  6. Good for you! Looking very nice, Lori.

  7. I too am doing a red/white Christmas quilt and seeing yours encourages me to keep going.

    Thanks for sharing

  8. WOW! You already got your blocks done? They look great! The last ones were the ones in the bottom left corner of your put-together unit. I still can't walk into my sewing room without having to climb over bags and bags of stuff.

  9. I'll be machine appliqueing that crazy melon block myself. No way do I want to try to machine piece it! Sometimes I don't do my blocks in order so it's hard for me to keep straight where I am. You are doing so well!

  10. blocks are looking great, amazing isn't it?
    Love the red and white.

  11. What great blocks! I love to see them all together.

  12. You blocks are looking fabulous. I love the reds.


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