Sunday, July 1, 2012

New Hampshire

We made it to Keepsake Quilting this morning! I was so overwhelmed with choices I spent a whopping $5.08!!
I'll explain the gnome/pixie/nisse later. These are the photos I had on my phone to share. Having a fantastic time!!


  1. I do the same thing, so many choices that I can't make up my mind and leave with very little, lol.


    1. I visited Keepsake Quilting when I had just a beginner.
      And came out with a couple of fat quarters. I was so overwhelmed after UK quilt shops that my brain refused to function!

  2. Oh what a lovely time! I'm heading up there this fall and I can't wait!

  3. Hey Lori,
    I was visited Keepsake a couple of years ago. The shear volume of the place is enough to knock you over. Acually what I enjoyed most about that area was the lake and I visited this old 1910 lodge/ mansion up in the mountains that was really interesting (sorry I don't remember the name). It had spectaular views of the lake an mountains. Have fun, cheers, CW

  4. Love the photo of the chairs. I would be on overload in a place like that.

  5. Hope you are having a fun trip. I was in Oregon for the first time this past week. I loved the Fabric Depot. Your state is gorgeous. I hope to go back some day and visit more places.

  6. What a fun place to visit! I have the same problem with large stores. If I am able to go back a second time after digesting everything I usually make a purchase at that time. Thanks for the pictures. :)


  7. Disappointed in your Lori, here I am doing my best for your economy and your letting the side down.
    Say hi to Jill for me. Missed you at Shelburne. I had a good time and took lots of photo's.
    Continue to enjoy your time in New England.
    I feel a gnome theme starting. Lol

  8. I did the same thing. Came out of there with a stuffed toy...a loon. I still have it on my desk though. It was a happy memory. The store is full of gorgeous fabric. Hope you are having a great time! It's beautiful there all year long.

  9. So funny. I've done that too--over stimulate my brain with all the choices and then can't even figure out what to buy!

  10. Fabulous! We have a summer place in S. Vermont and generally I make it over to Keepsake every couple of years. I, too, don't buy a ton but I always purchase a new book because I feel I owe them SOMETHING for the wonderful visual treat they give me...and my DH loves to sit on the porch!

  11. Your restraint is very impressive!! VBG Your pictures are gorgeous. Looks like a beautiful place!

  12. Ohhh, I am so jealous. You were within 8 minutes of my daughter's place when you were at Keepsake. They have only lived there a month, so I haven't been out to see them yet, but I can dream.
    When I get on system overload like that I get a headache and then I can't think clearly enough to make purchases. Then I kick myself later when I realize what I wish I had purchased.
    Enjoy the lake--even if you don't know how to pronounce or spell it! : )

  13. I felt the same way the first time I went to Keepsake, hope you will be able to go to Pa and do some fabric shopping there.
    Did you go to the restaurant in Meredith famous for Thanksgiving Dinner?

  14. it's the kind of place to go with a definite list in mind, otherwise it's sheer overload...i always check out the quilts for sale to get some free inspiration

  15. what great photos - it looks lovely there!!
    Safe travels -
    it was so great to see you and have a little 50th Birthday Bliss

  16. Ha Ha - I've had the same experience at Keepsake. I hope you get a second chance:). I love that store!

  17. Love the chairs. I would have spent the same, well maybe a few zeros added on to the end.

  18. Lori- i am desperate to visit Keepsake after subscribing from the UK for over 15 years! Sounds like quite an experience to. My first visit to your blog too . I have only just got into blogging so hope mine gets to be as fun as yours. Hope you can call by as i would welcome some tips


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