Wednesday, October 29, 2014

This Week in My Sewing Room

I've had a little time in my sewing room, but mostly in the prep stage so it gets a little boring to blog about.
I picked up this cute wool applique while in Seattle . I've got one more to whip stitch down then I can add the trees, faces, ect. It is actually a lot larger then it looks so it isn't super portable. 

I'm going to Guatemala in two weeks and need some hand work. This is a heads up for you Revolutionary Flag quilt makers- this one is up for next month. 

Time to go through my drawers of small scraps and re-organize. Many of these are too small for me. Anybody want a small bag of small pieces? Scraps are GONE! Thanks! I'm cutting more 1 1/2" squares for our quiltalong. I want to have it done and ready to hand quilt to take with me on my trip. I'm calling it Cascadia (for now, subject to change) 

I will be checking a bag of items to donate- 15 pounds to go and I'll be full and at 50 pounds!

Many of you have asked about my mom, thank you so much! She still isn't doing well. She is on a strong antibiotic for an infection and either it isn't working or it is making her exhausted. She hasn't been herself, weak and tired. I hope to see her turn a corner soon.

Happy Wednesday to you all.


  1. I would love to have your scraps

  2. Any time in your sewing room is fun, even if it is prep work. Sorry to hear mom is not herself yet.

  3. Have a good trip to Guatemala! If you are serious about giving away your scraps, I would love to have them. Pretty much everything I make is from scraps. This past summer I won a bag of scraps from a quilt someone made, mostly triangular shaped, and I challanged myself to see how much I could make with them -- I made a table runner, 2 pot holders, 12 coasters, 4 place mats, got several 2" charm squares for a postage stamp quilt I'm making, and still have enough improv wedge circles to make a baby quilt. Fun!

  4. Your wool Santa piece looks like a pattern I have. I have been meaning to prep the project for ages. Seeing yours reminds me that I haven't done it.

  5. Love the wool Santas!
    Good thing those scraps were taken so they couldn't distract me!!! : )
    Sorry your Mom is struggling, Lori. I will keep you both in my prayers.

  6. Your Santas are so cute....your trip is just 2 weeks away? I'm sure you are so excited...what a good thing to be doing. You haven't said anything about the quilt along except cut 1 1/2" squares right? The flag quilt block looks interesting...the only one for next month?

  7. Wow, that sounds like an exciting trip! I have been to Guatamala many times but it was very long ago. I hope you are able to share some photos when you return. I think your handwork will keep you busy for the travel time and then some! Hugs to your mom.

  8. El trabajo que preparas se ve muy guapo
    que bien suena todo lo que cuentas
    deseo que tu madre se ponga bien pronto

  9. Your new wool work is WONDERFUL...the pattern is sitting on my shelf!! Your trip sounds so exciting...take lots of pics!! Hopes and prayers to you and your mom!

  10. Those old world Santas look great. I have cross stitch patterns (Prairie Schooler) like those that I usually stitch up around Christmastime. Hope your mom gets well soon, especially since you are going so far away on your trip.

  11. the Santas look so cute. Good luck on your trip.
    When my Mom had infections (pneumonia many times) with her dementia, she often had to have a second round of antibiotics. She was also seriously exhausted and it took a long time for her to really recover. Hopefully your Mom just needs more time.

  12. What an exciting trip ahead of you. It's good to take hand work, but don't be surprised if you do get to it too often. Have fun!

  13. Your blog is NEVER boring, it s interesting to see what you re planning. I love the Santas.

    Will you blog from Guatamala? How long will you be there? Maybe you ll see wonderful handcrafts, weavings and embroidery....

    Is the Eagle our only block for Nov or are there more?

    I hope your mom improves, it s so sad to see our parents aging and unwell.


  14. That's a great line of santas! What a sense of accomplishment to have lots prepped.

  15. Cute, cute santas! I am just binding a wool fall project. You are a holiday ahead of me. :) Will keep your mom in prayer. Sorry she is still not feeling great. So excited about your trip!

  16. Your new wool work is just fantastic!

  17. Hope you mom is doing better soon. Sounds like you are gearing up for a mission trip -
    what a generous bag of goodies!!

  18. Those Santa s are going to be so cute! Have a safe trip!

  19. Very cute wool project! I am sorry to hear about your Mom, but it could be the antibiotics. I had surgery a few years back and had to take them for a few weeks afterward I had absolutely no appetite and no energy while I was on them. Looks like an exciting trip ahead of you!

  20. Cute Santa's! I hope your mom is doing better today!

  21. Wool Santa's in a row... nothin' cuter!
    I recently used a rotary cutter on a bunch of fabric scraps that were too little to use, cutting them in all directions into tiny pieces. I used them to stuff a newly made pin cushion.
    Safe travels to Guatemala.
    Oh, and I lovethe quilt in your header!!!

  22. antibiotics are a miracle drug and make you feel sick at the same time! I hope she turns the corner soon :)


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