Thursday, January 22, 2015

Can You Help a Fellow Quilter?

I got an urgent text this morning with my friend, Laurie looking for 3 yards of this fabric. Any chance someone recognizes this as something in their stash and would like to sell/trade? If you don't have 3 yards but only a half, maybe that would help too.

Thanks for checking!


  1. sorry I don't recognize it...i really hate when i didn't buy stash :)

  2. Sorry I don't have this fabric....
    Good luck Laurie ! ;)

  3. Sorry I do not have this fabric in my stash either

    Good Luck :-D

  4. Hello, has your friend tried sending her request to ? I know quilters (and a few quilt store owners) browse the site regularly to see if they can help fellow quilters.

  5. Oh sorry, I don't have any of it. Qwful when you don't have quite enough! Frustrating...hope she finds it soon...hugs, Julierose

  6. I have a chunk of that fabric in the yellow colourway if it helps, but not the green.

  7. sorry lori. i hope she finds it!

  8. That looks like a " white/cream that I would be using , but I do not have that one. Sorry, some that are close but not right on.
    Sure hope she finds some. I was making a bunch of blocks and got carried away , and then had to use another that complimented it and continued making more blocks to finish the quilt top.turned out real nice. Almost like I planned it that way. If she doesn't find it...maybe that is something for her to think about. Good Luck.
    Hugs Marg.

  9. Sorry ... I can't help either. Good luck to your friend.

  10. do you have any inforation about manufacturer, designer of fabric group? I have a Brackman/Thompson piece that is close....


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