Wednesday, April 8, 2015

A Decent Wednesday Post

After posting Monday from my phone I realized the photos were lousy and so was the block! 
My excuse? My kids came into town Saturday and didn't leave until Monday, so I was spending time with them, but they didn't bring their computers so ours was being used for tax prep. 
So, please forgive that post!
This block is sure to make you smile!

 We have traded out one of Anita's blocks for this great shoe bouquet which can be found in many Ohio Miami Quilt samplers. It is such a fun block!
I'm not sure how much I love this block, but it will fit in with the others, so I'll keep it.

This one was way easier to applique than piece.
My design wall is getting too small to hold them.

I did forget the cheddar centers, but the humble part of this, (now ironed) block was the seam. I did not have enough muslin for it all. Once it is quilted, no one will every know.

Want to see more?
Karen is a whiz and I am following her lead.
Cathy  , Nancy and LuAnn are also making it. 
It is so fun to see everyone's unique take on this sampler.


  1. Oh yes! I love the show block!

  2. Oh I love them all, this quilt is going to be exquisite! Hope I spelled that right....

  3. Oh love them all, but especially the shoe and the star with the plume. Very unique! What fun!

  4. Quite the variety! Yep, the star with the leaf (?) is a keeper and I love the fabric you chose for it. Pretty wild and definitely fun even to watch as these quilts grow! The shoe bouquet does bring a smile, also love the fabric for the shoe. Nice!

    1. The star and plume block peaked my interest and after a bit of a search wondering if it represents Haley's Comet.

  5. The shoe fabric is an excellent choice. Makes a fun block. I am so glad we decided to use the shoe design.
    Now I can see the seam for the fabric addition. You made do and I don't think anyone will notice when the quit is done.

  6. They are all great especially the shoe. Did y’all draw this or photo copy it or what?
    I like the way you keep changing the pattern to make it yours.

  7. todos los bloques preciosos
    el zapato genial!!!!!

  8. That shoe block is very fun--and the Jo Morton fabric is one of my all time favorites!

  9. I love that shoe ! It's funny among the others "serious" blocks !
    I love the fabrics that you used too ! :)

  10. What a wonderful addition that shoe block is--and with that beautiful fabric for the shoe!

  11. This is such fun watching how you all interpret Ohio blocks--wish I were a better appliquer--or one at all!! Love the look of these blocks...hugs, Julierose

  12. I love that shoe block and might use the same fabric as you did. Also like your version of the eagle. I think these quilts will be fun to put together.

  13. The shoe block is fun and you chose the perfect fabric to show it off among the other blocks. n

  14. I love that shoe block, so unique and fun! It's been great to follow along with this quilt project. You are all moving very quickly!

  15. The whimsical shoe block is adorable! And the odd star and single feather would make a really cool swag border design, rotated sideways...[not for this quilt, just ''someday''].


  16. The shoe block is wonderful! I recognized it immediately from the Miami valley book. I love that Jo Morton green of the shoe and that gorgeous red of your feather. I can't wait to see what comes next!

  17. Such a great project... love the shoe block!

  18. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!! It is so fun to see ya'lls quilt blocks!! LOVE, LOVE, the fabrics!!

    Blessings and hugs!

  19. love that shoe bouquet! I couldn't even see your seam!

  20. I've not seen a Shoe Bouquet in a quilt. Guess I haven't seen everything Quiltwise after all. Fun post with great blocks. I'm not a fan of the star and plume. maybe upside down in a corner?

  21. Love that shoe block, Lori. I've never seen it before - what fun!

  22. All your blocks look great! Like everyone else, I love the shoe block. Quite unique! And the star and plume is very interesting. I wonder if Jo is correct and it represents Haley's Comet.


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