Friday, April 17, 2015

Samplers & Stars

Here are my Stars in a Time Warp for this week and last. Last week's theme was printed plaids, this week was ombres.
Here are 5 more fun blocks for the Ohio sampler
Old Tom (drawn from the Ohio Miami sampler book) 
A wreath
I thought I was making this to replace my drunkard's path, but it is the wrong size, so I'll try and find a place for it somewhere.
Sweet gum blocks. Aren't they adorable?

See Karen's blocks HERE.

It has been quite a week! My mom was suddenly sick and ended up in the hospital. She does good in her own surroundings, but mentally slips when she is out of her element. She kept asking me last night if she could go to the dining room to eat. I'm hoping the dr releases her today. It was strange being in the hospital, as the last time we'd been there was when my FIL died last spring.

Here's what's been on Instagram this week if you missed it! 


  1. Your blocks for this quilt are beautiful, I was just checking out Nancy's also, fun quilt to do together. Hope your Mom can get back to her home soon and she can get back to her routine.

  2. So sorry to hear about your Mom. I will send positive vibes your way today. Love your stars and album blocks. Hope you get a little quiet time today to quilt.

  3. Sorry for your Mom. My Elderly Neighbor had to moved out of her home yesterday. It was sad that she can't live on her own anymore. Prayers for you and your your Mom. I think I have some of that brown Ombre fabric. I should make me some stars, lol
    They look SEW fun! Cute Ohio Sampler blocks too. The cat has a shooting star above it.

  4. Mi deseo, que tu madre este pronto recuperada y en su entorno!!!!!
    las estrellas preciosas
    los bloques me gustan muchísimo

  5. I just love the sweet gum blocks - great color combination :0) I am enjoying watching your progress on both of these projects. I hope your mom can go home to familiar surroundings again soon!

  6. Old Tom is a good addition for the quilt! I like the star shaped flower above his head. We will have to show some of the more folk art look blocks all together in one of the posts.

  7. Hope your Mom has a speedy and complete recovery. Hard to be our of their element. Love your stars!!!!

  8. It's too bad the indigo block is the wrong size. It's a very striking block.

  9. Lori, Sorry to hear about your mom, hope she gets back to the facility soon, I know how that routine keeps them cognitive.
    Hey, you nailed the ombres.!! Good job.

  10. Love your new blocks. The cheddar/brown plaid star is my favorite of the Time Warp blocks and the Sweet Gum blocks make me smile.
    Sorry to hear about your Mom. Spent the morning in the hospital with my 91 year old Dad who had outpatient foot surgery today. He kept trying to get them to let him go home early. I wanted him there as long as they would keep him because I knew once he got home we wouldn't be able to make him follow doctor's instructions. : )

  11. The Tom block is so cute. I sure hope the 2 puppies got adopted.

  12. Your star blocks look awesome! I don't know how you get SO much done... Very impressive!

  13. I hope your Mom is feeling better and able to go back to more familiar surroundings. You got a lot of sewing done! Love those Sweet Gum blocks!

  14. Love the applique blocks especially. They are really charming.:) So sorry about your mom. Hope she was able to go home where she's more comfortable in her surroundings.

  15. Sorry about your Mom - hope she can get back into familiar surroundings very soon! So good that you live close by for intensive support. Your stars and Ohio blocks are fabulous. I bought a few printed plaid fat quarters yesterday as well as the ONE ombré piece I could fine in the shop. I'm realizing I really don't have a lot of true repro fabric - learning so much in this series!

  16. Love your Stars in a time warp--I'm behind again, have to make these 4 tomorrow. Sorry about your mom, hope she gets released soon.

  17. Another batch of wonderful blocks! I didn't realize the cat was so tiny until shown next to the rest of the blocks. I hope your Mom is better soon!

  18. Sisters Choice through OH.. it must go in!

  19. Great blocks Lori, I hope your Mom is doing better.

  20. great blocks lori! Love that Old Tom
    aaahh I missed making my star this week - yours look great. I don't have as much ombre as I thought -

  21. Hoping your mom is able to return to her comfortable surroundings soon.

    The app showing your running paths, care to share which one you're using. I am a beginning walker who sometimes takes a jog during the walk (trying to get to running) :).

    Thanks in advance for your reply.


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