Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Wednesday Wanderings

Here we are again! Thanks for your overwhelming support for the Humble Quilts facebook group! I thought maybe 20 people would be in the group. Today there is 100+. 
For those of you not on Facebook I will still have the linky party so we can see all the little swap quilts in one place. Let me know if you have NOT received your quilt. Then I can plan on a date to do a final blog post. I know the quilts I've seen are stunning!  If you have any complaints or suggestions, please let me know.

I've got a few blocks of my sampler sewn together. I'm having some machine problems. It takes off at full speed sometimes! Sometimes I'm not even sitting at the machine! I'm getting afraid to thread it, lest I lose my finger under the needle.
I cannot show the blocks I am making with this fabric but isn't it cool? I love the faded look of it. I hope I can get the effect I want from it.

Did I mention I'm hosting my nephew's graduation party at my house this Saturday? My niece and 2 nephews lived with us for 5 years and he is the last one to graduate. I've done all the other parties and am looking forward to the LAST!
I may not have a blog post on Friday.

Love to you all.
(PS, I'm heading to a Seattle Mariner's game!)


  1. The quilt top looks very interesting, can't wait to see it finished. L

  2. Love the new group on FB! Your hosting the last party sounds like a great celebration. Hope your machine problem gets sorted out.

  3. Oh must be in the habit of making parties for graduates !! LOL !
    So good luck for saturday and happy party !
    Your blocks are lovely...
    Hugs !

  4. I like that subdued Blue fabric. Thanks for the Facebook Group! It has been fun to see all of the swap quilts that have been shared.

  5. Lori, I can't wait for you to accept me on the Humble Quilts FB page so I can see all the pretty little quilts! Your sampler quilt is gorgeous and I love the faded fabric-can you tell me some info about it?

  6. Lori, I can't wait for you to accept me on the Humble Quilts FB page so I can see all the pretty little quilts! Your sampler quilt is gorgeous and I love the faded fabric-can you tell me some info about it?

  7. The hard part of the Ohio quilt is sewing it together with all those partial seams. The best part will be how good it will look in the end.
    The Facebook group has been active and showing so many wonderful quilts. I am glad you started it.

  8. Your quilt is looking good but the machine sounds like it is possessed. My Bernina 1130 has some gremlins...sometimes when I step on the peddle it starts sewing backwards. Other times, it takes giant stitches. I love that light blue. It looks a bit like denim but I am assuming it is not.

  9. Love your blocks! What fabric did you use for the backgrounds? I might have to buy a bolt. LOL
    Congratulations to the graduate!

  10. Congratulations to the graduate! I had a problem with random machine speed, turned out to be a short in the foot pedal. (Though in my case it would mysteriously stop instead of race.)

  11. LOve the sampler quilt so far.

    Unplug the machine before threading? I sewed thru my thumb once on an industrial Singer. It didn t hurt much but it was icky. And a little scary.

    Hope you have a good mechanic for a safe fix.

  12. Lovely looking blocks! Seems like your machine has a mind of its own, better be careful! Enjoy the party!

  13. I don't have Facebook but would love to join!!

  14. I am not on Facebook but have no idea what Linky is and need info about what you have going :)

  15. Congratulations to your nephew! I have really been enjoying the FB group, so fun to everyone's quilts. Your top is coming together beautifully! Look forward to seeing what you make from that lovely blue fabric.

  16. I'm having trouble finding the FB group? Is it called Humble Quilts, because it's not coming up when I search. Any hints? Thanks!

    1. Sorry, Lori, my email is

  17. Congratulations to your nephew. And thank you again for hosting the swap and the wonderful new Facebook group. I just may visit Facebook more often now!

  18. Too bad about your machine! Hopefully it can be successfully fixed. Your blocks are looking wonderful together. It's definitely graduation and Mariners bb season isn't it?:)

  19. That's it - I gave in : I ordered the book "Ohio Collection". :))
    Love the blocks!
    Wouldn't there be a Mother's Day or birthday or simply health protection reasons to
    justify a new machine?!?? ;)
    Best wishes!


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